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This weeks requested podcast came from Twitter and it was requested that I discuss all about speaking confidently in groups of people. Today I give you some tips and techniques to help you to speak confidently and clearly when standing in front of a larger group.

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Todays podcasts is another requested podcast in which I will be covering excessive drinking, using alcohol to cope and how to rid yourself of that demon that tells you to continue drinking.

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Todays podcast is the second week of requested podcasts and the discussion is about grief. I have covered this in a previous podcast but wanted to go back over the stages to help you understand them a little more. 

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Todays podcast is the first of the requested podcasts. This request was about abandonment and how to over come those feelings of rejection by the one you love.


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Todays Podcast is the final instalment on the regular daily podcasts, today I re visit the importance of letting go of issues for a happier life. 

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