Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

This is episode 141 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering Mindfulness and the benefits of using it. 

This was another request from the Facebook audience so thank you so much appointment through and allowing me to create content that will hopefully help you in some way. 

Please do bear in mind that we have created this podcast to be of some insight and some sort of assistance but by no means a way to treat conditions on their own.

If you do have any deep-rooted conditions or ailments that you'd like some assistance with on a one-to-one professional approach, then please feel free to contact either myself or Michael on Facebook or directly through the website and we can arrange sessions that way or via Skype, whatever suits.

So let's get to mindfulness and how you could benefit from using it in your every day life. 

The very fact you are listening to this podcast means that you should have an awareness of what mindfulness is or may have heard about it in some way.

What Is Mindfulness?

Well, Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present, being in the moment and embracing every day. Being able to calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings thoughts and emotions during this awareness. 

It's the basic human ability to be fully present aware of where you are what you're doing without getting overwhelmed about whats going on around you.

What Can Mindfulness Do For You? 


Being able to be mindful and present can help in many ways, it can relax and open your mind to new things, things that we let slip by every day because we are too worried or anxious about situations that don't need that much energy or focus on. 

It can bring you to a state of zen almost allowing you to clear your mind and become more open to rationalise those internal thoughts. Releasing feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and many more troublesome feelings. 

Mindfulness can not only help with your mental well being scientists have also found a link between mindfulness and physical health being improved too such as 

  • treat heart disease
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce chronic pain
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties

How To Do Mindfulness

  • Sit quietly and focus on your natural beathing
  • allow thoughts to come and go without judgement
  • Notice bodily sensations such as an itch or tingling and just let them pass
  • Notice each part of your body and their different sensations.
  • Notice sounds, smells, external things around you, without judgement and let them pass 
  • Allow emotions to flow and be present without judgement and let them pass

Just remember if you are new to this just go with the flow and enjoy what mindfulness can give you. 

Remember I am not a GP so cannot diagnose and the details in this podcast are ideas and tips that i have used with clients to help and aid them in their progress, if you are unsure or need to have any issues diagnosed please do visit your GP or talk to a professional on a 1-2-1 basis.

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This is episode 139 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and this show is all about increasing your self esteem.

This is part of the feel good Friday series that is starting on the podcasts and it's all about finishing the week on a good positive note helping you to feel good about yourself that will hopefully help you in some way. 

Please do bear in mind that we have created this podcast to be of some insight and some sort of assistance but by no means a way to treat conditions on their own.

If you do have any deep-rooted conditions or ailments that you'd like some assistance with on a one-to-one professional approach, then please feel free to contact either myself or Michael on Facebook or directly through the website and we can arrange sessions that way or via Skype, whatever suits.

So let's get to some tips on how you can become more self aware and self confident. 

The very fact you are listening to this podcast means that perhaps you are in need of some ways to feel more confident about yourself, your abilities or you daily decisions. 

I have always said that in order for you to love somebody in your life or to give somebody 100% in a relationship/friendship you must firstly love and accept yourself. 

Now this isn't a selfish thing this is something everyone needs to be able to do, self love and self confidence can have a massive impact on the way you live your life. 


Tips To Increasing Your Self Esteem

There are many ways in which you can increase your self esteem and here are just a few that may give you the kick start you need:

  1. Think about what is affecting your self-esteem.
  2. Avoid negative self-talk.
  3. Connect with people who love you.
  4. Learn to be assertive.
  5. Set yourself a challenge.
  6. Focus on your positives.
  7. Take care of yourself.

 Start to practice these new ways now and just see how much of a change you can make on your self esteem levels.

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This is episode 139 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and this show is all about Trichotillomania, what it is and ways that you can help yourself to stop pulling hair.

This was another request from the Facebook audience so thank you so much appointment through and allowing me to create content that will hopefully help you in some way. 

Please do bear in mind that we have created this podcast to be of some insight and some sort of assistance but by no means a way to treat conditions on their own.

If you do have any deep-rooted conditions or ailments that you'd like some assistance with on a one-to-one professional approach, then please feel free to contact either myself or Michael on Facebook or directly through the website and we can arrange sessions that way or via Skype, whatever suits.

So let's get to some tips and understanding about Trichotillomania and ways to assist in overcoming the urge to pull hair. 

The very fact you are listening to this podcast means that you should have an awareness of what Trichotillomania is and perhaps you yourself or somebody you know is suffering from this habit.

What Is Trichotillomania?

People who have Trichotillomania have an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, usually this is on their scalp but can also be pulled from eyelashes, eyebrows, genital areas, beards or moustaches. It is a type of impulse control disorder similar to OCD obsessive compulsive disorder. People who suffer from this condition know that they are causing damage to them selves but the urge to pull is too strong.

Tips To Aid In Stopping 

Trichotillomania can be treated using CBT techniques such as habit reversal this is aimed at helping you to replace the bad habit with a new habit that is not harmful.

Some useful tips to assist in this can be:

1. Keep a diary of your hair pulling looking for triggers such as emotional states, feeling low, feeling stressed or anxious, 

2. Once you know your triggers try to avoid them

3. Replace the hair pulling with a stress ball or elastic band around your wrist, every time you feel the urge pull the band.

4. Talk to people, your loved ones could be the emotional support you need and by involving them you may feel a burden has been lifted and its not so much a secret anymore. 


Remember I am not a GP so cannot diagnose and the details in this podcast are ideas and tips that i have used with clients to help and aid them in their progress, if you are unsure or need to have any issues diagnosed please do visit your GP or talk to a professional on a 1-2-1 basis.


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This is episode 138 of the absolute mind podcasts and in today's podcast i'm going to be recapping over how you can remain calm over the festive period.

It's the most wonderful time of the year........ Or not? 

For some people Christmas can be a very stressful time of year with family members staying over for prolonged periods of time, feeling under pressure to provide and be the host with the most and buckling under the pressure when small remarks or comments are made. In turn ruining your experience and creating that negative association for next year!

But there are a few points to remember when you are trying to deal with the added Christmas stress:

1 - It's only a few days

2 - Those family members don't want or mean to hurt or offend you

3 - Things only seem bad if you allow yourself to catastrophise them

4 - How you respond is what matters

5 - Breathe!! 

6 - Relax and remain calm

7 - Embrace it all, be mindful and be sure to enjoy yourself. 

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This episode is 137 of the absolute mind podcasts and its a hello from me Paula. 

I have been away for 2 years since the birth of our daughter Daisy being mummy, she is now in full time nursery which gives me more time to come back to producing these daily podcasts.

Find out what we have been up to over the past 12 months and what is to come from these podcasts.

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This is episode number 136 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about dealing with fear and unhelpful emotions

This was another request from the Facebook audience so thank you so much appointment through and allowing me to create content that will hopefully help you in some way.

Please do bear in mind that Paula and I created this podcast to be of some insight and some sort of assistance but by no means a way to treat conditions on their own.

If you do have any deep-rooted conditions or ailments that you'd like some assistance with on a one-to-one professional approach, then please feel free to contact either me or Paula on Facebook or directly through the website and we can arrange sessions that way or via Skype, whatever suits.

So let's get to some tips and understanding about dealing with general fear.


The very fact that you're listening to his podcast means that you should have awareness of the U have some irrational fears or unhelpful thoughts that you'd like to deal with. The key here is to be aware that fear is just a feeling. That sounds strange but we've been having them for years, and feelings perfectly safe.

What Scares You?

This is time to identify and understand what is specifically that scares you. think about the situations where you have become fearful and emotions begin to run high, and see if you can notice patterns and really identify what is the actually scares you.

Talk to Someone

Here is an interesting angle. If you're fearful about something you have some unwanted emotions, open up and speak to someone you trust them like. The interesting part is if you feel silly by talking about these fears then perhaps you already know, that there is nothing to fear because even you know it's rational. however, running it passed someone else can really help you give perspective.

In fact, you are able to get some perspective even on your own. Think about someone who you like and know and someone who is on the surface at least a balanced thinker. Ask yourself, "what would x  be thinking about the situation?"

This technique is a wafer you to delve into another person's perspective. It can be remarkable how different the answer becomes. Ultimately this will allow you to begin to relieve some of those fears.

You Are What You Eat

I hate to always bring diet into psychological and emotional issues. But there is a direct correlation to how a person feels and what is they put into their body. have a think, is your body in a state of nourishment where it's able to repair and look after itself? Or is your body being challenged in battle, bombarded every day with foods that it's difficult to process and rebuild from?

The body is an amazing thing, but the body and mind are one thing. We all know that what we eat we become. I haven't met a balanced controlled thinker who lived on beige or fried foods, sugary snacks and energy drinks. The two simply don't go hand-in-hand.


I know I sort of touched on caffeine in the paragraph above, by really can't say this enough. Anything that stimulates you, caffeine, energy drinks etc, in dramatically affect the way a person feels and thinks. caffeine is a known mental stimulant, and if you're in the habit of thinking negatively or fearfully, then caffeine will only exacerbate the issue. I'm not suggesting that caffeine is the cause. But absurdly suggesting that if you are feeling anxious fearful or full of emotion, the caffeine can have a negative effect.

Use The Right Questions

If you've heard this podcast before, you'll know how much I recommend using an understanding the right kinds of questions when dealing with any issue.

Let's dive into a little touch of science. whenever you ask yourself a question, whatever it is, there's a part of your brain (Reticular Activating System) that seeks to answer your questions and make you right.

Let me give you an example. Perhaps you're talking to a friend about an old 1980s movie, the name of the main actor simply slips out of your mind, you're going over and over saying what's the guy's name, what was he called again?....Your memory seems to have failed you, but wait a minute something very strange happens hours and sometimes even days later. The answer seems to appear like a bolt out of the blue. This is your RAS answering a question that you've asked.

Your memory seems to have failed you, but wait a minute something very strange happens hours and sometimes even days later. The answer seems to appear like a bolt out of the blue. This is your RAS answering a question that you've asked.

So it's time to start to get clever with your questions. questions like:

What can I do today that will make me feel less fearful?
What resources can I find inside to help me deal with this irrational fear?
What small dietary changes can I make right now that will allow me to feel less fearful?

questions really are the answer, so really have a think about the types of questions you're asking yourself. Questions like will this ever go away, can I take this much more, is this can get worse, these are all examples of questions that now you understand how your brain works will be more can prove disastrous.

It's time for you to take control of your own questions and therefore your own emotions. I'm not suggesting the questions are the be all and end all. But I am suggesting it's something you can start to do right now and have a dramatic effect on the way you feel.

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This is session number 135 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this was a request. You know who you are so thank you and I really do hope you receive value from it. This show is all about recovering from a break up with your partner.

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Some Ideas of How To Get Over a Break-Up

1. Remind Yourself of Everything and Be Real

It's very easy to think back to an old relationship and only thing of all of the amazing times. This is catastrophizing thinking and only leads one way.... To feeling worse. Be honest about the good of course and be pleased about it, but also remember the bad and the downright ugly and embarrassing.

2. Allow Yourself Some Time and Space

When you think about all of the emotions that come up after a relationship breakdown. You really need to bear in mind that this will take some time to recover. Give yourself some breathing space, your brain will be going over thinking about things like the frustration, the anger to hurt or the pain.  all of these are not helpful in any way, but they will present themselves in the early days the time and space really are your friend.

People work through emotions in various different ways, but one thing is sure in the early days the feelings are most present will be sadness and upset. Expect this, but don't beat yourself up about it an important fact to understand about this grieving process for an ex is that as each day passes, those feelings will begin to subside and you will begin to feel better.

3. Time for You

Relationships mean that two people come together in some way. Now there must be a benefit in being on your own and finding yourself once more! What I'm suggesting here is that there is time to rediscover yourself, and find the you that you really are.

Relationships are all about finding a happy medium, and doing what's right for you, your partner and overall the relationship. when you not bound by these restrictions you can really begin to find the true you. You may be fortunate enough that the true you is the one you see every morning in the mirror now. But in most cases, people hold back in certain ways and don't find their true self when they're in a relationship.

So spend some time to find the true, real you.

4. Time for You Time for Change

We are creatures of habit, this is one of the problems where the relationship breaks down because a part of our habits and our routine suddenly disappears. The phone doesn't ring when it used to, the texts don't ping at lunchtime and life changes cried dramatically.

This sudden change in circumstance and situation means that your life does change, but if the breakdown was not your choice, then it can feel like your life is falling apart around you.

So it's time to take charge, spend some time doing things that you wouldn't normally do, or didn't used to have the time to do. They could be things like salsa dancing going to the gym learning a new skill. Now don't see these as ways to distract yourself, is more like ways to improve and become a better version of yourself, because you're actively using your time as you choose to.

5. Questions Are The Answer

The quality fo your questions defines the quality of your feelings. Beware of faulty questions loops.

Why Me?
Who will they go out with now?
Will they be better?

Change those types of questions to:

Why am I better because of that relationship?
What have I learned about myself?
What changes do I want to make in my next relationship?

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This is session number 134 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about the Best Mans speech. Even though being the best man is only a token part of the wedding, for those given the task problem of performing the speech, it's undoubtedly a nerve-racking time.

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Okay, so your friends getting married, and they've done you the justice or disservice of asking you to deliver the best man speech. As well as all the important stuff like organising the stag do in various other hilarious events that you'll probably choose not to tell about. You also have to get prepared to deliver a speech and do your best friend, the Groom, the honourable duties. Let's face it, the pressure does seem to be mounting for you.

Some of the fears about delivering a best man speech.

Generally, the biggest fear about delivering a best man speech is about doing a good job and not looking stupid. With the attendance of weddings generally being in the hundreds, there are lots of nervous eyeballs watching and listening to every word. Making a fool of yourself is not something anybody wants to do.

What if the words simply do not come out? This is quite strange fear but very real nonetheless. Because most people don't practice standing up delivering speeches to large groups of people, we often find ourselves imagining doing that but the worst possible thing happens. No word that you come out of our mouths, were blank, stuck, paused in time with everyone nervously watching. Not knowing what to say, or not having the right words come out is a very common fear.

Will the bride and brides family like it? The only way to know is to ask afterwards. Truth be known, if you are thinking this way before delivering your speech then at least you got a heads up. You should be able to tailor your speech so that you feel it will fit. Why start a speech with any preconceived anxieties about how certain part will go? Perhaps run some of the content past a friend or colleague and get them to sense check it.

Some tips in delivering a great best man speech

The biggest problem is usually fear, and that fear is anxiety. Therefore as with all anxieties and fears, it is highly recommended that you reduce any other external stimuli. These are things like caffeine drinks, energy drinks tea’s and coffee’s for at least 48 hours before the big day. If you do drink lots of these drinks normally, then I'd highly advised that you begin to reduce these are a good few weeks before the event so that you don't crash on the actual day that you need to perform.

Creating anxiety and fear will be easy on the day. Make life easy for yourself and get rid of those external forces which build anxiety.

Practice makes permanent. Therefore if you practice your content and know your content it with far more likely that you will be able to deliver your content in just the right way. A great tip for that content, break it up into multiple sections that are easy to remember, and remember each section, each chunk, each part so that you are able to pull it all together on the day. Also, the segregation of the content allows you to miss a piece and then come back into another paragraph or another chunk quite easily.

Whenever you practice your speech make sure you're practising it realistically. Make sure you're standing and projecting and talking out to the back of the room to make sure that your voice is being heard. You need to make it as real as possible so that when you do come to do the real task you've practised what it is that you'd like to make permanent.

What is your body saying?

Your body language will play a huge part in the role of delivering successful best man speech. Even if you know the content, if your body is closed off and not expressive, it will be very difficult for people to engage with you, warm with you, most of all deemed it as a success. Interestingly though, by acting confident in using your arms and projecting, pausing all the right times you find that your audience really connects and engages with what you're saying. Have a little look at the Amy Cuddy TED talk about power poses and use these tips to your advantage. Also………. Pausing to emphasise different sections is a very effective method while delivering your speech.

And I wouldn't be authentic here if I didn't include the use of hypnosis to allow you to calm your nerves and build confidence way before the event. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for you to memorise certain processes but also to allow you to build confidence for a particular event.

Acting as if! From now on, act as if this is something that you really want to do. You start to bring yourself into a state of confidence, and this will also help to mitigate any unwanted banter from the rest of the groomsmen. Showing your confident and not fazed about doing the event because you are practised, will inhibit some of the unnecessary and certainly undesirable comments and statements that you would normally have received. After all, that's what friends are for. Lol

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This is session number 133 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and this show is all about Body Building with Hypnosis. Becoming more muscular and physically stronger as a result of resistance training with the right mindset and having you conscious and subconscious mind on board.

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It's May 2017 and bodybuilding for both men and women seems to be at an all-time high. Strong is the new skinny, and strong is perceived as sexy. Instagram, twitter and Facebook are full of men and woman scantily clad showing off their bodies. Bodybuilding is a new health fad that seems to be on the rise.

But how can hypnosis help with Bodybuilding, surely it's just about lifting weights right?

There are a number of ways Hypnosis can help you on your body building journey. Let's start with the most practical ones first.

Bodybuilding is hard! In order to get the body you want you have to work very hard at the gym keeping in mind safe limitations. It's well documented that your body changes due to external stressors put on the body. Your mindset needs to be right. You have to maximise your sessions in the gym.Those last few repetitions are the ones that can make the difference to your body, and ultimately, they are the hardest ones to do because it's too easy to give up.

So hypnosis can be used to allow you to push yourself hard while in the gym.


Hypnosis can it also be used to begin to imagine the kind of results that you are looking for a while bodybuilding. If you read any book about goal setting or achieving your goals, you will find that having a desired clear outcome in your mind very important.

There is no better way other than hypnosis to create an internal state, a picture in your mind of what it is that you want to create in your body. Having that very clear picture in your mind allows every nerve fibre and tissue of you to focus on the outcome.

In order to grow muscles, calories are needed. Lots of bodybuilders all people new to bodybuilding struggle with the dietary aspects required.

It's not easy to build muscle, it takes hard work in the gym, as well as hard work in the kitchen. This is where being structured and methodical pays off.

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This is session number 132 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about overcoming the fear and anxiety around eating more fruit and vegetables.

This show was decided upon due to a request on Facebook so thank you for that. You know who you are. Remember guys, we are real people, we do reply, and we do exist. Come and connect with us on Facebook

The Offer from The Podcast

Interestingly, those of you who are regular listeners probably don't realise quite how much of a tribe you are all a part of. The Absolute Mind podcast has been downloaded over 820,000.00 as of the 9th March 2017 and we are currently on a growth rate of 3200 extra downloads per day.

So here is my ask, Who do you know who you can share this podcast with? I don't care if you like us on Facebook and share it with your friends or tell them, email them and ask them to become a part of the Absolute Mind community.

So one things for sure, this podcast is extremely popular and I think is about time we all get connected on Facebook. So check us out at absoluteminduk

Eating more fruits and vegetables, is not just about taking a healthy decision. It really is about building your health from the core. Now this isn't a health and fitness related podcast, far from it. But those of you who know Paula and myself, we are extremely dedicated to building health and wellness in all those people around us. Eating fruits and vegetables is absolutely essential for your body to repair, and function in the way it needs to. It's not really a matter of choice, it's more a matter of necessity.

So this is a very serious podcast, and for those people who do suffer with the anxiety and fear around fruits and vegetables, the implications are more than just being fussy with food. The science tells us, though well rounded balance diet including fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for our bodies to grow, repair, create and feel the way that they need to feel.

This ties into the first point, if your body is not operating efficiently, it will start to produce feelings and symptoms to let you know something is wrong. Ironically, anxiety and fear are induced or exacerbated whenever a body is starving. And when I say starving, I don't mean physically hungry, I'm on about nutrient deficient.

Many people can eat lots of food but still be nutrient deficient, therefore your body will start to cry out to react in different ways. Anxiety fear symptoms that will definitely become apparent.

So you can see the first issue here. If a person feels anxious or fearful around eating fruit and vegetables, there is a small chance, that if they were to eat those foods more regularly the body will begin to function in a way and balances its own stress levels and perhaps, some of the anxiety and fear around those foods would begin to diminish.

As a bit of a sidetrack, there are two words that surround food and healthy eating. Those words are health and diet. Have you ever heard the saying that the closing the question? Or how about the message is in the word? The first four letters of health are heal and the first three letters of diet die.

What we put in our mouth directly affects whether our body is slowly healing, or slowly dying. Either way, it's a slow and gradual process, a little bit like producing a garden or allotment. You need to pull all the right ingredients and nurture them in the right way to create the right outcomes. Fruit and vegetables are those right ingredients to allow your body to heal to grow and regenerate.

So how does a person who is fearful and repulsed by fruits and vegetables even begin to start.

Remember what I said earlier, the clue is in the question, or the answer is in the statement? The right answer here, is simply to start the process.

Start small, and add the least repulsive fruits or vegetables to your dish every single day. Get used to having them around, used to seeing them, touched, squeeze them, squish them. The more you surround yourself with those things that you fear, the more you'll be able to overcome the repulsion and begin accepting.

To give you something can properly connect with here, if you go to a smelly farm, all you can smell for the first half an hour are farm smells. After a short while, your body begins to react and adapt, and you soon don't recognise those repulsive smells.

It's all about doing something different, and bringing into your reality those things that you once feared and allow you to overcome them. Keeping them at a distance will only make them more elusive and powerful to you.

The next part here is all about stopping the excuses. In most cases, those who fear or don't eat fruit or vegetables, never have done. Those people can begin to associate with that as part of their being and say things like “I've never eaten vegetables, I just don't like them”. That association, and belief pattern will begin to form and the chance of you allowing fruits and vegetables into your life and later date diminishes.

The thing is, this is just a habit that is forming, but not only is it forming, your nurturing it along the way. There are many habits that we have as children, that we grow out of, taking our nose biting your nails just generally lots of repulsive things that as adults we grow out of.

To take the first step, it is recognised that just because you've never done something doesn't mean you can't, it's all about learning to grow in doing things differently, you feel stronger for it and your ability to overcome challenges later on in life will be greatly improved as you overcome this seemingly massive obstacle.

Your first reaction will begin to set the tone. What I mean by this, is you're far more likely to experience a phobia, fear or repulsion against something if you at first expect to. Therefore, you really need to become versed in experiencing vegetables, fruits and notice your initial reaction. I dare say at first, your nose will be turned up your head may be frowning and you'll be pulling pulling a funny faces. If you're attempting to try fruits and vegetables when you're in that state, you simply will not stand a chance. If you've listened to this podcast before, you'll know that I say regularly that your expectation defines your reality.

So again, in order to tame your initial first reaction. To do this you buy those foods, play with those foods, cook with those foods and experience those foods to become more associated with them in and not positive way, but at least a neutral way.

Because food phobias and dislikes can generally be all in your head, hypnosis can be extremely effective at helping you along that path. But don't expect miracles just listening to this session once.

I'd strongly advise, that you listen to this hypnosis session every other day for the next couple of weeks. Include some of those useful tips about handling and buying fruits and vegetables. Also notice what your face does whenever you hold or get close to fruits and vegetables. You really are working on avoiding building up feelings of anxiety and fear. And as the book says Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jefferson. There really is no better cure to overcome anything than simply, doing it.

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This is session number 131 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about overcoming OCD and getting on with your life normally.

Obsessive compulsive disorders can be extremely limiting. The impulse or feeling that OCD creates around different areas of our lives can make a living day to day normally feel impossible.

In this podcast, I outline some simple tips and strategies that you can actively begin to work on to aim to overcome OCD.

The end of this podcast, also has a hypnotherapy session to help guide you through this process.

Before we dive into this podcast, Paula and I have been actively promoting a weight loss package offer on this podcast. The most popular podcast out of all of these so far, has been the weight loss Hypnosis session with 48220 downloads to date.

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But so many of you contacted us to say that you'd like a bit more help with weight loss, and asked for a more rounded weight loss program. This is exactly why Paula created the weight loss download offer.

This package has been extremely successful over the past few months and has helped many of you, and thank you so much for sending the personal messages on Facebook and emails to myself and Paula, telling us your successes and journey so far we really do appreciate them.

We decided, that as of the end of March we will be pulling this Weight loss offer as we feel we want to create some more packages around other extremely popular podcasts. We will cover anxiety, depression, building confidence and also relationships.

Again, we aim to create a 10 session hypnosis package for you to listen to directly on your phone without the need to download the tracks for simplicity.

So, those of you who are interested in the current weight loss download offer. I'll put a link in the show notes so you can get to it there. Or alternatively, visit and purchase this package now for only £19 UK pounds. Remember, if you're listening to this after March 2017. This offer will have expired.

So, let's go on with the tips to help you overcome OCD.

Tip 1: It’s trying to be helpful

This one may be quite difficult to swallow, but usually an OCD is there to protect you in some way shape or form. There is a part of us that feels that we need to carry out the certain task or ritual in order to be safe and in some cases happy. The OCD process has been fabricated through some strange and passed habit, but is there now to protect and preserve you. So understand that your OCD is not a foe but it is trying to be a friend.

Tip 2: Don’t fight it

Whenever our OCD is kicking, don't try to actively fight that thought. If you think about it, by trying to avoid the OCD, you're simply adding fuel to the issue by telling your brain this is something to be fearful of, something you don't like, something you want to get rid of. Therefore, it will begin to create an anchor which is a point in time to reference a later date to bring back quickly the negative feelings associated with it. So in simple terms just let it be a strange is that maybe.

Tip 3: FEAR

The word fear, has been broken down into many different acronyms to help a person understand. But if you use the acronym Face Everything And Recover for fear then you can begin to apply the methodology to your OCD. This ties in slightly to the above tip which is don't fight it, face everything and recover is all about dealing with what presents and working to overcome it. The more you practice this, the better you will become it it and the more likely you will be to overcome that particular OCD.

So practice on the small stuff first, in ways that your OCD may not be a strong, and face it, deal with it, and notice how you begin to feel better that you've done so. Remember, don't fight it, and don't get frustrated because it's there to try to be helpful.

Tip 4: Reduce your general anxiety levels

You won't find a calm and relaxed person who has a debilitating OCD. Your general anxiety level, is a gauge of how quickly, and easily you can become anxious to a point of reaction. OCD is our level of reaction to anxiety, and therefore if you're able to reduce your overall anxiety levels, then you will notice your ability to deal with your OCD becomes far easier. This is why hypnosis is extremely good at dealing with OCD, because a large part of hypnosis is about creating relaxation and calmness.

Tip 5: Feelings are safe

It can be quite difficult to stomach, the saying that feelings are safe, and they can't hurt you. Because those people who are suffering from anxiety, fear, OCD’s and depression, can't relate to that comment. Let me put it this way, out feelings are created from within, no one does them to you know one gives them to you, they are all self generated. Another fact about feelings is we've been having them from millions of years and is part of our genetics and I will make up therefore they are completely natural and a big part of life. The big part here for you, will be about controlling the negative thoughts and feelings to ensure you feel more balanced.

So keep that in mind, feelings are perfectly safe, we've been having them since the dawn of time.

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This is session number 130 of the Absolute Mind podcast, and this show is all about getting things done and getting closer to your goals.

We all have goals that we want to achieve, or things that we absolutely would love to get done. However our life seemed to be bombarded with things that we need to get done, rather than things that we want to get done.

I'm going to outline 8 tips here for you to feel more focused and get the things that matter to you done. After all, if you do that, you're far more likely to achieve your goals.

Tip 1: Plan

Okay, sorry to start with the most boring one, but you've heard the saying, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. But look at it this way, when you plan, you set your intention on what is that you want to do. There's another caveat to planning which is also beneficial. Whenever you plan an activity ahead of time, your brain will carry on looking for ways to maximise the output of what you plan, before you carry out that work. Therefore, not only are you being more productive, but you will also be more accurate and there I say creative.

Get quite specific when you plan also. Make sure what you plan to do, is within the realms of possibility in the timeframe you have set. If you start on the habit of setting goals and plans, and not completing them, you will build up a negative association which will prevent you from achieving what you want to.

Tip 2: Avoid distractions

A friend of mine explained that we now live in a world full of WMD. But when I say WMD, I'm not referring to weapons of mass destruction, more like weapons of Mass distraction.

Weapons of Mass distraction are things like, emails, text messages, social media and phone calls. We are being bombarded every single day with things that require small amounts of our time, but pull us off our train of thought. These distractions massively cut into our time, flow and creativity.

So any given time when you are setting out to work on something that's important to you, make sure you have switched off all notifications and any form of distraction to allow you to get done, what is you need to do.

Tip 3: Set a schedule

In just the same way that exercise in the gym becomes easier when we schedule it, and stick to it. Working on things that we want to is also the same. If you schedule to work on your one thing, your goal each and every day for a specific amount of time, at a specific time, you'll be far more likely to fall into a habit and a routine and carry on producing.

Imagine having a schedule time when you get into flow, and as practice makes permanent, as you continue with this you will find that it feels natural to do.

Tip 4: Multitasking is a myth

It's not big or clever to work on more than one thing. It just makes you procrastinate, and perform poorly. This is part of the planning and scheduling piece but you must ensure that you are working on one very clear piece of work at any one time.

Being a multitasking master is a bit like being a procrastinating plonker. You don't want to be either of those to get focused, get clear, and get done what it is you set out to do.

Tip 5: Pomodoro technique

Developed in the late 80s, this technique is based upon breaking down intervals of work, normally into about 25 minute chunks and separated by about 5 minute breaks. It has been suggested, that your peak state of creativity and work last about 25 minutes. So using this Pomodoro technique can really allow you to maximise your time, whilst even scheduling in small breaks. Sounds perfect right? You'll find lots of resources to use as a time on YouTube if you search for it.

Tip 6: Look after yourself

In order to perform at your best and get those things done that are important to you, you willing to look after you. This seems slightly oxymoronic you need to spend time on yourself to give you more time for yourself. But the science is clear, if you look after your mental and physical well-being, you'll be more productive, creative and proactive. Watch what you drink, watch what you eat and get some exercise and of course sleep.

Tip 7: Can you do this in the morning?

If possible, find the time you need every morning before everything else starts. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, motivation and willpower are a little bit like a muscle, and they wear down throughout the day as you use them. So in the morning, when your fresh, start the work that you want to do and that you want to be focused in.

There is a great book written by Hal Elrod called the miracle morning where he outlines why first thing in the morning is your most productive, creative and the best time to you to get closer to your goals.

Tip 8: Don’t stop until the timer says

I'm working on something for yourself, give yourself the time that you had planned and scheduled in. Even if you find your creative juices aren't flowing, use that time to brainstorm, mind map and break out. But do not quit and give up until the time says so. Again, this is a bit like training muscle and the better you get at sticking to your schedule, the more creative during those times you will be.

All tips and ideas are fantastic, but unless you apply some of them, you really will see no benefit.

The hypnosis part of this is really about you clearing your mind setting your goals and intentions are really being rigid with the goals that you have set yourself for all those reasons you have chosen.

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This is session number 129 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this session is all about becoming a better version of you.

Now this seems to be quite an abstract title and reason to want to listen to this, but you'd be extremely surprised that there are large numbers of people who just want to be better, yet they can't seem to describe what better is. So a better version of yourself really does sum it up.

I'm going to give you six tips here of things you can do to try and make yourself a better, more enhanced version of yourself. Remember, don't try and think this as you are becoming perfect, it's simply a matter of improving and pushing yourself, because so much in life is about pushing yourself. Take education, exercise, and even mental quizzes are all ways of pushing ourselves beyond our own boundaries. And I think from a healthy psychological point of view this is a good thing.

Tip 1: Be nice to yourself

The very first part about becoming a better version of yourself is stopping the negative self talk. Sure, doubts and negative perceptions of yourself will creep in from time to time. But it's important to recognise when that happens and stop it in its tracks.

Most of us, talk about ourselves negatively without even thinking about it. But as you’re problem you already aware by now have to listen to this show you'll understand that the brain does not recognise the difference between an imagined event or a real one. Therefore talking to yourself negative, and thinking of yourself negatively can only produce one thing. A negative you.

Tip 2: Focus on what you want

Now in order to consider creating a better version of you, you'll first need to know what is you want to better at or certainly achieve. Like all things in life, we improved by knowing the outcome and working towards that.

Get clear on what it is you want, and more importantly why you want it, and what that will do for you when you have it.

Tip 3: Use the power of I am

We use the term “I am” all of the time without giving it a second thought. But there is power in that statement, power that you need to harness for all the right reasons. We know the negative connotations and how powerful they can be when a person says things like I am useless, I am rubbish, I'm stupid. They're not nice things to hear, because you realise by using the term I am people are really connecting with what they are saying.

So as you can see, there's magic in that statement as long as you use that in the right way. so try terms like “I am in control” “I am confident” “I am learning” “I am always discovering new opportunities” “I am growing” “and I am becoming a better version of myself”

Tip 4: Stop procrastination

There's a saying that perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. Put simply, procrastination is just laziness but with a really nice word. Procrastination, or laziness is very easy to discover if you have no direction or focus on what is that you want.

So get very clear on your goals, get very clear on your outcomes, and also get very clear on your schedules and make sure that you deliver on your outcomes and goals. Like anything, getting going on this is not easy. But everything that is worth doing isn’t.

Tip 5: I never did mind about the little things

This was a sentence I heard back in the late 90s in a film, and it really stuck with me. In its simplest terms, it means stop worrying about all the small things that life throws at us. And just get on with it. I know what you're saying, it's easier said than done, trust me it happens to me every day to. But it's about reframing, and recognising when it is happening because the small things are those that can drain us of our passion, tenacity and purpose.

So don't sweat the small stuff and get on with your goals your purpose and what you want from life.

Tip 6: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

This is all about learning new things. Doing things we've never done before, and really pushing our own boundaries. This really builds a sense of power and self-control that were achieving things that we have never tried before. There is no better feeling than achieving something that you've never tried, or even thought you could never do.

I believe it's one of the meanings of life that we continually overcome challenge and adversity. To get used to setting yourself tasks where you feel uncomfortable, and get comfortable with that.

Have some fun implementing some of the tips to become a better version of you.

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This is session number 128 of the absolute mind podcast and this show is all about letting go of frustration that we have when we are in relationships.

When relationships are brand-new we feel quite relaxed about another person's quirks and personality. But as time goes by, and we lived with our partners, the smallest of issues can really begin to grate us. This frustration over the smallest things can ultimately ruin a relationship.

In this podcast I'm going to go through several tips and techniques for you to become more forgiving, and not put so much emphasis on those small quirks that really do make you become frustrated.

The interesting part is most people in relationships do feel frustrated by their partners for the tiniest little things. So much so, in that if you were to talk to another person about what bothers you, it might seem really insignificant, but to you, there's nothing more frustrating.

Tip 1: Does it really matter?

Does it really matter, is an interesting question because of course it matters that moment that the toilet roll is put on the wrong way. But in the grand scheme of things, that wasn't an issue again this time until you've seen it again. The reason why this is interesting, is because you seem to let it go, in between times and that this little quirk happens.

So you're not permanently angry that the toilet rolls put on the wrong way, or that the toothpaste is squeezed from the middle of the tube, or that their shoes left at the door and not in the cupboard. Rather you become frustrated and angry again when that happens again. So that there are large periods of time in between that were it simply doesn't matter. So you need to ask yourself the question. Will this matter to me in two hours? Hopefully the answer is no and that should allow you to reduce your frustration.

Tip 2: They are not trying to annoy you

Frustration usually bills because one of the partners believes that the other is doing their quirk just to get on their nerves. Aren't we such funny beings, that we really think that someone would go to the extra effort, just to annoy us time and time again, to cause an argument that they wouldn't want either.

The little bit of understanding here that we are not all the same, if we were life would be extremely boring. So whenever you think that they're being annoying, which means actively trying to annoy you by doing those quirks that you don't like. Your most probably wrong.

Tip 3: Snake bite

If you're a regular listener to Absolute Mind podcast, then you will have heard myself and Paula talk about the principle that no one ever dies from the snakebite, it's the venom inside that kills.

Put simply, this means just let go of the anger or frustration. The venom that courses around you is doing you harm and is absolutely nothing helpful about it. You put the venom there, so the quicker you allow that venom to subside, the better you will feel.

It's a bit like poking and opening a cut, and then complaining about it not healing and hurting.

Tip 4: Be nice

There's another great saying in relationships that if you get the chance to be right or kind, choose kind. Now of course there is an element here that you can become extremely boring and not challenge or question your partner in a relationship. But there's also a piece here that so many people in relationships, constantly challenge and unnecessarily question their partner's views or opinions.

So if you find yourself with something on the tip of your tongue about to correct or object about something your partner is done. Remember, you have a choice here, you choose to be right and comment or you choose to be kind and enjoy the rest of your evening?

Tip 5: If they don’t want to, why should I

So many relationships are built on giving and taking. You have heard this so many times while growing up also. However there is a massive problem with this. If you wait to get before you'll receive, and both people in a relationship do the same, then you're both never get or give anything.

So get used to giving first, and giving again, and expecting nothing in return. Take control and plan the nights out, planned the birthdays, and give without expecting. This way, you will more than likely find that the favours, helpfulness will come back. If not, remember one of the other tips that were all different? Just enjoy the process.

Tip 6: People are all different, so relationships

Don't base your relationship on someone else's model of a relationship. We are all different, and therefore each relationship has to be different. So don't expect the same as what someone else has. However, you really do need to expect to have love, trust, openness and a connection. But remember to tie this into the other tips, and don't just show love, trust, openness and connection as long as you get in return. Show it, and do it anyway and notice how your relationship will flourish.

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This is session number 127 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about how to Control the Amount of Alcohol You Drink.

As most of you know Paula and I are therapists and deal with people's one-to-one issues on a regular basis. Drinking is something that comes up frequently because it can be so detrimental whenever a person relies upon alcohol.

The purpose of this podcast though, is to give you some tips and insights on ways you can control the amount of alcohol you drink. The reason I think this is important is because our society uses alcohol in many ways to celebrate and be joyful, and in the right amounts, is not harmful or dangerous to most people.

So the aim of this podcast is to allow you to regain your control over alcohol. It's also for those who feel that you have a dependence on alcohol, and for those of you who not only drink alcohol when you're happy, but also do when you're sad, stressed, excited, celebrating and even drowning sorrows.

So here are 7 quick tips to allow you to regain control over drinking alcohol.

Tip 1: Write down your reasons

Even though we all know the general reasons around wanting to control alcohol, putting down on paper what personally important to you can be massively beneficial. It's been documented that when a goal is written it is far more likely to be achieved. The same goes for when a problem is scribed, it's far more likely to feel real in your mind, and most importantly, give you the motivation to make changes. Things like; you'll feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, more in control are just some of the things that you may discover. But make your list, and really hone in on your reasons to want to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

Tip 2: How much is too much?

In order to achieve any goal, or make any change, you need to understand exactly what the boundaries are. For example if you say that you want to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink, by how much, what will change? etc. It’s time to get clear on what is the actually want. You need to get specific here because if you say things like I only want to drink twice a week, the creative side of you may think, I'll drink once for three days and once for four days. Specificity that you might look something like I will allow myself a bottle of wine on a Saturday night and two cans of lager on a Friday night.

Tip 3: Make it real and keep track

It's a fact, we lie to ourselves all of the time. Therefore, it's very important that you begin to keep a record of how much and how often you are drinking. It doesn't need to be a full-blown diary. When you keep track, you are able to understand the reality, rather than a jaded perception built over time. Documenting and journalling is a fantastic way to understand your habitual patterns, which will ultimately allow you to feel more empowered going forward.

Tip 4: When is willpower required?

I hear this all the time, from people telling me that they feel that the alcohol just calls them from the cupboard whenever they've had a bad or stressful day. My response to that is simple, who puts in the cupboard in the first place? Willpower has been proven to be like a muscle, we have far more willpower at the start of the day when the feeling more energetic, but as we use our decision-making process throughout the day, our willpower wanes. So now you know this there is no problem, you're now able to make the right choices whenever your shopping, because your shop at the right time, with a focus on all the things that you want, all your reasons for wanting to reduce alcohol consumption. Don't wait for your willpower to fail you, make sure you make those right choices when you're shopping first.

Tip 5: Nature fills a vacuum

Basically, this means that whenever you remove something from your life, you're more than likely replace it with something else. This could be fine, but it also could be problematic. The issue with nature filling a vacuum is that you can never quite be sure what it will fill it with. Unless you plan to. My suggestion here would be to actively planned to drink something like sparkling water, or an Artisan water in replacement for alcohol. So when you're going to the shops you can actively go and purchase a bottle of liquid that you can drink, just as you done so over the years but this time you're replacing the alcohol with something far more healthier and more conducive to your goals.

Tip 6: There is no wagon and you can't fall off it

Metaphors can be extremely helpful to understand the given situation. But they can also be massively problematic as they can cause blockages that we cannot metaphorically undo. Metaphors can make us believe something is true even when it isn't. Take “falling off the wagon” as an example for those of you who have tried to reduce drinking before. This is simply an excuse for when you do fail once you carry on failing. There is simply no valid reason to drink more on the days following a time that you failed. You can see this as a reset point and a clean sheet to start on the journey once more. Just because you've had a blowout one time, doesn't mean that you're more likely to do that again.

Tip 7: Buy-In

For those of you with families at home you need to get those people to buy into your goals too. If you let those around you know what you're on a mission to achieve, then they can help you along the way. It's easy to loved ones to treat you with alcohol if they think you've had a busy week. Just make sure you set the scene and get the buy-in from those around you who may push you off the metaphorical wagon.

I hope these tips and insights will be useful for you. It's all about commitment though, it will be absolutely useless to you unless you adopt some of the ideas and run with them. Remember, if you fail after three or four days, there is no wagon, you haven't fallen off, and therefore you just carry on with your plan as you set out. As you go you'll find it's more easy to stick to this because what you practice does become permanent.

For those of you who can listen, check out the podcast audio at the bottom of this and enjoy. But do remember do not listen to this part any time you're driving, operating any machinery, or at any other time you need to remain fully alert for you wake. So only listen to this podcast hypnotherapy part if you're in a safe and comfortable place to do so.

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This is session number 126 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this session is all about finding your happy. For so many happiness eludes them, in this show I'll share some tips and insights into happiness and how you can apply them.

Surely, happiness needs to be everyone's number one biggest goal. Because if you're able to achieve happiness, then nothing else matters. Is an interesting though, that so many people seem to value things like success, recognition, outcomes, and even financial recognition over happiness?

This podcast I'm going to go through several principles and proven ideas that could allow you to feel more happy, more often.

Tip 1: Find your uniqueness!

This has to be first and foremost because I believe that different things make different people happy. Therefore it's absolute paramount you discover what it is that you so desire that will allow you to feel happy. Think about it for a moment but don't pay any attention to what you think others might feel, or judge about what you uniquely feel would make you happy. This really is personal and has opposed the irony of this podcast is that if it's personal, how is it possible that I can view any tips? haha

Tip 2: Goals

When you decide what it is that would make you happy, you then need to make a plan of how you will achieve those goals. Goal setting is also another way that the science shows us that we can begin to feel more happy once with achieve those goals, albeit for a short period afterwards. But really think about this, what is your plan look like, what you need to do to make yourself happy, what's standing in your way of happiness?

Tip 3: Only the lonely

The science also tells us that people who surround ourselves with other people, who are said to be achieving and happy will also be happy. So think about who you surround yourself with, what are they like, what is their state like? another way I like to think of this is imagine you're like a magnet and you're going to begin to absorb the energy of those around you, are those people close to you the kind of energy is that you need to feel happy?

Tip 4: Ability to change direction

Life isn’t clear. Things don’t always go to plan. So why don’t we plan to things not being clear and not going the way we want to? Most of us find happiness when we achieve the things that we want, and get what we desire. But life gets in the way so the present and always keep in mind that you may need to change direction. Don't find yourself mulling over the negativity of what's been delivered. Embrace the change set a new goal and work towards achieving it.

Tip 5: Bookmark your day

Bookmarking your day really means starting your day and finishing your day with very clear points and intentions. I cover this more in the influence psychology and persuasion podcast, but in a nutshell you need to ask yourself certain questions at the end of every night that direct your attention to what you've achieved. Questions like, what I done today, what I learned today, who has impacted me positively today, why am I better because of today? Questions like this will allow your brain to go and find answers which will be conducive to you feeling happy.

Morning questions are things like: what am I looking forward to much today? Who can I connected today? Whose happiness is going to impact me today? Really have a think to how you can bookmark your day to make yourself feel happier.

Tip 6: Treat yourself

The reason why mothers put their oxygen masks on themselves on a plane first, is because they are the most important person. This is why, you also need to treat yourself like the most important person and reward yourself and look after yourself as much as you can. That can be a treat, something nice, some time out for yourself to enjoy. A treat now and again will allow you to recharge your batteries and allow in more happiness.

Tip 7: Laugh

Who can write a post about happiness without including laughter? Not only is laughter contagious, but it also breeds happiness and humour. The first step here is to include things in your life that do make you laugh. Comedy films, being out with friends and generally anything that you find humorous. the next piece though is about finding humour in other situations where perhaps you would normally. We call this reframing in NLP terms and it really is about generating a humorous situation about an event that has happened to you. This will immediately allow you to feel differently about it.

Tip 8: Accept yourself

In order for all of the above to be helpful it needs to be built on a foundation of acceptance and worthiness. You need to feel that you are worthy of feeling happy. This is a block where some people feel stuck. Remember, you're the one in 1 billion creation who won the first race of your life, and you battled on to get a point were you listening to this now. It really is about learning to love and appreciate yourself and everything you do, will do and have done.

Without exception, happiness is just a feeling. Most people give themselves conditions about feeling certain ways. Like I'll feel happy when I have X or I’ll feel why when I've done Z.

And remember, people think that they want things in order to make them feel happy but actually all we really want are the feelings we think those things will bring us. But feelings always come from within, and you always able to create these whenever you need to. So don't make happiness conditional just feel happy now.


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This is session number 125 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and this show is all about overcoming fear associated with Public Speaking.

Public Speaking, also called (Glossophobia) is said to be the thing most people fear, it's so bad, public speaking ranks higher than dying in the top list of phobias. Wow.

Public speaking fear is complex, but the very first issue is the biggest. Whether petrified, nervous, anxious or even excited, non of these feeling are conducive to effective public speaking. But everyone, regardless of their experience will have some of these feelings before giving a speech.

Here are a list of just 5 of the reasons people struggle

1. Nerves

Everyone will feel then to some level. Expecting to feel nothing is not possible.

2. Judging you

Regardless of your audience, regardless of how many people you are addressing. you're just not that important that people will sit and judge you. Everyone is in their own world. Plus, would they want to address the worlds biggest phobia?

3. Performance

If you're nervous of public speaking you won't have been practicing much, this means you will most likely be worried if you are able to actually do it. But, they actually want you to do well.

4. Forgetting what to say

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand there in silence and not be able to get a single word out? The great news, no one knows what you were going to say anyway.

5. Imposter

People can feel like speaking isn't for them. "It's not my thing". Many, can see people speaking as a job, skill or natural talent. But it's only talking.

Let drop the reasons and excuses and get down to businesses.

5 Tips on improving at Public Speaking

  1. Be you
  2. This is for you, enjoy the process
  3. Ditch the caffeine and stimulants
  4. Slow down your pace
  5. Talk with feeling and passion.



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This is session number 124 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about being lazy. This is something we can all feel like from time to time. But, for those of us who have this in a bad way. Life is hard.

Where to start with Laziness. The first thing is first. You get what you expect. If you think you are lazy, then, ta daa. you will be. It's impossible to hold a belief about yourself about being lazy, only to find you start to get more things done. We're not wired that way. Your expectation creates your reality.

So, in order for you to get past this, you have to give yourself a way out. This isn't talking positively to yourself, it isn't about positive affirmations. You're too clever for that the other voices will kick in and bring you right back down to level ground, quicker that you can say, "lazy butt".

It's about reasons and changes. These can and will act as a placebo. You see, if you decide as of Monday (all new things start on a Monday). That you will start to drink 2L of water per day, because that will give you more energy and allow you to become more productive. This is a way you can generate a new belief that is in line with popular beliefs so you'll probably find that agreeable.

Changes create changes. This means in order for you to make a sudden change, You, need to make a sudden change. the change you make doesn't need to be directly in relations to the desired change. Things like, cold or cooler showers are easy to do and make great "excuses/beliefs" to allow you to create other changes. Sayings like "since i've been doing X, i've found that Y".

We're hard wired to accept X and Y saying and beliefs. So, use this and create them.

Getting disturbed is a great motivator. Procrastination and laziness are symptoms of comfort. A strange saying but very true. Those who are "On the ball", use a belief held dear to them that keeps them pushing on. Top sports people keep pushing on because they decide once they are number one that a real world class number one would need to hold that title for several years to make it real. This keeps them pushing on. You see, it's nothing real, simply a story/reason that has the power.

Acknowledge and accept

This is another great way to just get stuff done. Don't fight it and question it. Simple acknowledge the lazy thinking and say "OK let's just get this done". Also, set yourself small targets but always hit or over achieve them. Think, if you ran 10k and felt tired, would YOU slow down or speed up on the final straight? Some of us take our foot off the gas. So, as I always say, practice makes permeant. Practice becoming a person who completes things.

The accept part of this is really useful too. The voices in our heads can be a real bummer. Don't get into a fight with them, they will win. always have and always will. When a lazy thoughts about yourself comes in, simply think, "Up to know I would have don't x behaviour, but now I simply do y. Don't go too elaborate though. Just make a small impact for now and build upon it.

Diet and exercise. Probably the worlds biggest paradox. If you eat highly nutritious foods, and exercise, you'll have more energy and motivation. Strange because calories are energy, but the wrong ones will sap our energy. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of good foods and notice how much better you begin to feel.

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This is session number 123 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about quitting smoking using hypnosis.

Using hypnosis to quit smoking is probably the 2nd most popular reason people enquire for 1-2-1 sessions.

In the past 20 years people all over the world have quit their lifelong smoking habit in only a few short hypnosis sessions. The results can seen very miraculous. But, there needs to be a strong desire to quit before you look to hypnosis as a real solution. Its there to offer you help and assistance and not "make you quit."

So, desire is the key, hypnosis is a tool to help you on your way.

There are several main reasons people decide to quit smoking. And as you may expect, there is a common theme.

The main reasons to become a non-smoker are as follows:

  • Health - the science is clear now. Smoking is super bad for our health. In the very early days of cigarettes. Smoking was shown to be sexy, smart, and even beneficial to our health. Damn those marketeers. Lol.
  • Money - 10, 20 and even 40 per day now means some smokers are spending over £7000 per year. Its amazing because this money would easily pay the lease on a brand new car. Plus a membership to a good gym and leave change for a 1 week family holiday.
  • Social - interestingly, smoking was taken up to be social. It was a habit people would do to feel a part of something. O, how times change. Now smokers feel anti-social. They are cast outside in any weathers to stand alone in lots to kill themselves. Smokers now feel like they are looked at for having such a dirty, smelly habit.
  • Family - So many parents accept for a short time that they have this habit. But when children start to see and notice whats happening. The need to set the standards kicks in. Parents want to be a role model to their children. This is also compounded by a sense of achievement.

Smokers can spend up to £7000 per year

As I suggested above hypnosis isn't this fix all solution. So, to get the best from this session i'd like you to grab a pen and paper and answer these few questions:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to be a Nonsmoker?
  • In the context of becoming a Nonsmoker, what's important to you?
    What else?
    What else?
    What else?
  • What would happen if you don't give up smoking?
  • What will happen when you do?
  • Is there anything you might lose as a result of becoming a Nonsmoker?
  • Other than the health, money and social aspects. Why else is this your time to become a nonsmoker?
  • Is there any reason why you can't do this now?

Please do spend a few moment documenting this. Writing things down dramatically helps you achieve your goals.

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This is session number 122 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and is the second one of 2017. I've already heard people say how fast this year is going. Scary, but true.

Another year has gone and as we all say, "that went fast". The older we get the faster the years seem to pass.

And as morbid as it seems we really only get one go at this. As technology increases we find ourselves living in a virtual world. Our social lives are becoming very anti social. We turn to screens before we think to turn to people. This is the world that's becoming real to us all. So what's the answer?

For the last few years you will have heard how Mindfulness is on the rise. The idea of mindfulness is simple to bring all of the benefits of meditation, simply to all. Mindfulness is a small practice of becoming the observer.

This very simple practice allows us back to the now. And as we all know the now is where we all are, and most importantly, where we should spend more time and gain all we can from this one and only live.

There are a few things I'd like to suggest now. These are merely ideas and take from them what you will.

5 Tips to live in the now

  • What you focus on increases! Whatever you are experiencing in your life now is a result of what you have been focussing on. It really is that simple. Focus becomes reality.
  • Feelings are perfectly safe, we have been having them for years. Don't let your mind race thinking about feelings, when real life is happening.
  • The quality of your life is related to the quality of questions are ask yourself. And, your questions create your focus.
  • Take 1. You plan your breakfast, travel times, bedtimes and TV schedule. So how about planning your noticing time and being in the now.
  • No one ever dies from a snake bite, it's the venom inside that kills. Hate, envy, dislike, and other negative feelings towards someone or something is a certain way to take you into the vortex and away from the now.

It's surprising how a few minutes a day can impact your life.

When will you start to stop for a moment and notice all there is around?

The hypnosis part to this podcast can give you a step up into this world. Or, should I say your new world.

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Welcome to session number 121 of the Absolute Mind Podcast. This is the first of 2017 and its only right we start off with the most topical subject. Weight Loss. This is without a doubt the biggest new year's resolution this year as it is every year. People all over the world will be setting themselves goals to get the body of their dreams. Well, at least lose a few pounds and get into those old clothes. So why if weight loss is so important do so many people fail in their diet attempts.

Well, I certainly won’t be answering that question because that really is the million dollar question. But, I certainly can help give you some hints and tips of why weight loss is so difficult and perhaps what you can do in order to stack the odds in your favour.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons and why, and what we can do about them.

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