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This is session number 124 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about being lazy. This is something we can all feel like from time to time. But, for those of us who have this in a bad way. Life is hard.

Where to start with Laziness. The first thing is first. You get what you expect. If you think you are lazy, then, ta daa. you will be. It's impossible to hold a belief about yourself about being lazy, only to find you start to get more things done. We're not wired that way. Your expectation creates your reality.

So, in order for you to get past this, you have to give yourself a way out. This isn't talking positively to yourself, it isn't about positive affirmations. You're too clever for that the other voices will kick in and bring you right back down to level ground, quicker that you can say, "lazy butt".

It's about reasons and changes. These can and will act as a placebo. You see, if you decide as of Monday (all new things start on a Monday). That you will start to drink 2L of water per day, because that will give you more energy and allow you to become more productive. This is a way you can generate a new belief that is in line with popular beliefs so you'll probably find that agreeable.

Changes create changes. This means in order for you to make a sudden change, You, need to make a sudden change. the change you make doesn't need to be directly in relations to the desired change. Things like, cold or cooler showers are easy to do and make great "excuses/beliefs" to allow you to create other changes. Sayings like "since i've been doing X, i've found that Y".

We're hard wired to accept X and Y saying and beliefs. So, use this and create them.

Getting disturbed is a great motivator. Procrastination and laziness are symptoms of comfort. A strange saying but very true. Those who are "On the ball", use a belief held dear to them that keeps them pushing on. Top sports people keep pushing on because they decide once they are number one that a real world class number one would need to hold that title for several years to make it real. This keeps them pushing on. You see, it's nothing real, simply a story/reason that has the power.

Acknowledge and accept

This is another great way to just get stuff done. Don't fight it and question it. Simple acknowledge the lazy thinking and say "OK let's just get this done". Also, set yourself small targets but always hit or over achieve them. Think, if you ran 10k and felt tired, would YOU slow down or speed up on the final straight? Some of us take our foot off the gas. So, as I always say, practice makes permeant. Practice becoming a person who completes things.

The accept part of this is really useful too. The voices in our heads can be a real bummer. Don't get into a fight with them, they will win. always have and always will. When a lazy thoughts about yourself comes in, simply think, "Up to know I would have don't x behaviour, but now I simply do y. Don't go too elaborate though. Just make a small impact for now and build upon it.

Diet and exercise. Probably the worlds biggest paradox. If you eat highly nutritious foods, and exercise, you'll have more energy and motivation. Strange because calories are energy, but the wrong ones will sap our energy. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of good foods and notice how much better you begin to feel.

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This is session number 123 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about quitting smoking using hypnosis.

Using hypnosis to quit smoking is probably the 2nd most popular reason people enquire for 1-2-1 sessions.

In the past 20 years people all over the world have quit their lifelong smoking habit in only a few short hypnosis sessions. The results can seen very miraculous. But, there needs to be a strong desire to quit before you look to hypnosis as a real solution. Its there to offer you help and assistance and not "make you quit."

So, desire is the key, hypnosis is a tool to help you on your way.

There are several main reasons people decide to quit smoking. And as you may expect, there is a common theme.

The main reasons to become a non-smoker are as follows:

  • Health - the science is clear now. Smoking is super bad for our health. In the very early days of cigarettes. Smoking was shown to be sexy, smart, and even beneficial to our health. Damn those marketeers. Lol.
  • Money - 10, 20 and even 40 per day now means some smokers are spending over £7000 per year. Its amazing because this money would easily pay the lease on a brand new car. Plus a membership to a good gym and leave change for a 1 week family holiday.
  • Social - interestingly, smoking was taken up to be social. It was a habit people would do to feel a part of something. O, how times change. Now smokers feel anti-social. They are cast outside in any weathers to stand alone in lots to kill themselves. Smokers now feel like they are looked at for having such a dirty, smelly habit.
  • Family - So many parents accept for a short time that they have this habit. But when children start to see and notice whats happening. The need to set the standards kicks in. Parents want to be a role model to their children. This is also compounded by a sense of achievement.

Smokers can spend up to £7000 per year

As I suggested above hypnosis isn't this fix all solution. So, to get the best from this session i'd like you to grab a pen and paper and answer these few questions:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to be a Nonsmoker?
  • In the context of becoming a Nonsmoker, what's important to you?
    What else?
    What else?
    What else?
  • What would happen if you don't give up smoking?
  • What will happen when you do?
  • Is there anything you might lose as a result of becoming a Nonsmoker?
  • Other than the health, money and social aspects. Why else is this your time to become a nonsmoker?
  • Is there any reason why you can't do this now?

Please do spend a few moment documenting this. Writing things down dramatically helps you achieve your goals.

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This is session number 122 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and is the second one of 2017. I've already heard people say how fast this year is going. Scary, but true.

Another year has gone and as we all say, "that went fast". The older we get the faster the years seem to pass.

And as morbid as it seems we really only get one go at this. As technology increases we find ourselves living in a virtual world. Our social lives are becoming very anti social. We turn to screens before we think to turn to people. This is the world that's becoming real to us all. So what's the answer?

For the last few years you will have heard how Mindfulness is on the rise. The idea of mindfulness is simple to bring all of the benefits of meditation, simply to all. Mindfulness is a small practice of becoming the observer.

This very simple practice allows us back to the now. And as we all know the now is where we all are, and most importantly, where we should spend more time and gain all we can from this one and only live.

There are a few things I'd like to suggest now. These are merely ideas and take from them what you will.

5 Tips to live in the now

  • What you focus on increases! Whatever you are experiencing in your life now is a result of what you have been focussing on. It really is that simple. Focus becomes reality.
  • Feelings are perfectly safe, we have been having them for years. Don't let your mind race thinking about feelings, when real life is happening.
  • The quality of your life is related to the quality of questions are ask yourself. And, your questions create your focus.
  • Take 1. You plan your breakfast, travel times, bedtimes and TV schedule. So how about planning your noticing time and being in the now.
  • No one ever dies from a snake bite, it's the venom inside that kills. Hate, envy, dislike, and other negative feelings towards someone or something is a certain way to take you into the vortex and away from the now.

It's surprising how a few minutes a day can impact your life.

When will you start to stop for a moment and notice all there is around?

The hypnosis part to this podcast can give you a step up into this world. Or, should I say your new world.

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Welcome to session number 121 of the Absolute Mind Podcast. This is the first of 2017 and its only right we start off with the most topical subject. Weight Loss. This is without a doubt the biggest new year's resolution this year as it is every year. People all over the world will be setting themselves goals to get the body of their dreams. Well, at least lose a few pounds and get into those old clothes. So why if weight loss is so important do so many people fail in their diet attempts.

Well, I certainly won’t be answering that question because that really is the million dollar question. But, I certainly can help give you some hints and tips of why weight loss is so difficult and perhaps what you can do in order to stack the odds in your favour.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons and why, and what we can do about them.

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