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The world loves coffee. It's amazing how popular coffee has become. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide and around two billion cups are drunk every day. 

Are you a coffee addict? Is it time you feel like you again but without the help of coffee. Do you even remember when you were last caffeine free for a 2/3 weeks or more?

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are real and the process can be very challenging. This hypnosis audio can be a companion on your journey to be caffeine free. 

Using caffeine just to operate your day to day is a sure sign that things need to change. Once rid of caffeine, assuming you're medically and clinically fine. You will begin to feel more energised and vibrant. 

Resetting your internal chemicals and hormones is not a simple task, but it's very worthwhile once you come out of the other side.

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Welcome to podcast 114 covering insomnia and sleep problems. Did you know that a lack of sleep can cause many problems not only to your mental state but to your physical health too? Insomnia is one of the biggest issues we deal with in our practice with 1-2-1 sessions and we have helped many clients overcome this issue with techniques you can do easily yourself allowing you to gain control over your sleep patterns.


With easy techniques and hypnosis, you can begin to sleep better and feel refreshed every morning ready to take on the world head on!

The podcast cover a hypnosis session as always but to allow us to offer you some real value we have also compiled a package for you to purchase which gives you 2 x hypnosis session both with binaural background tracks, 2 x mindfulness tracks, a 10 step actionable plan for the best possible chance of a great nights sleep.

You can see this sleep plan here



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As you all know were over 110 shows and downloaded all over the world, which is amazing. But we know we're aren't offering the value we want to be. Hypnosis can only be so effective in isolation, and over the years me and Paula have accumulated 1000's of hours or 1-2-1 therapy sessions and now is the time for us to offer you more value.

This session also has a relaxation audio which starts at 11.00 minutes into the audio.

Keep posted for the new offers and the new podcast all upcoming.

Remember, Do not listen to this podcast anytime you're driving, operating machinery or any other time you need to remain fully alert and awake.

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