Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

Hey everyone, it's Paula Sweet here, inviting you to start your week off right with this episode of Meditation Monday. I'll be guiding you through a short, simple yet powerful breath work.

No theme, no fussβ€”just you and your breath, exploring what your mind has to offer.

Enjoy x

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Welcome back to another episode of the Absolute Mind Podcast with your host, Paula Sweet. Today, we unravel the profound impact of self-compassion on mental health through an inspiring tale from Dr. Peter Attia. So, next time you find yourself in front of a mirror, ask yourself: "How am I speaking to the person looking back at me?" Let's dive into it!

πŸŽ™ Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to the concept of the "Mirror of Self-Compassion."
  • A beautiful quote from Buddha to set the stage.
  • Dr. Peter Attia's transformative journey from struggling with anger to embracing self-compassion.
  • Tips for incorporating self-compassion into your daily life.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ Topics Covered:

  • The Mirror of Self-Compassion: What Does It Reflect?
  • A Buddhist Quote: "You Deserve Your Own Love and Affection."
  • Dr. Peter Attia's Story: Overcoming Anger Through Self-Compassion.
  • Mindfulness: The First Step Toward Positive Self-Talk.
  • Positive Self-Talk and How to Practice It.
  • The Power of Forgiveness: Letting Go of Self-Criticism.

πŸ“Œ Takeaways:

  1. Mindfulness as a tool for becoming aware of your internal dialogue.
  2. The importance of positive self-talk in reframing your relationship with yourself.
  3. How forgiveness and restructuring the self-talk structure can pave the way for a peaceful mind.

πŸ‘‰ Resources:

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🌞 Wake Up to Wellness: How Morning Light and Movement Boost Your Mental Health πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Welcome back to another Self-Care Saturday on Your Absolute Mind! I'm your host, Paula Sweet, and today we're uncovering the magic recipe for a mentally healthy day. Spoiler alert: it involves morning light and movement!

🌟 In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • πŸŽ‰ The true meaning behind "Move a muscle, change a thought."
  • 🧠 How endorphins, aka 'nature's happy pills,' elevate your mood.
  • 🌞 The surprising benefits of soaking in morning sunlight.
  • πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Simple and effective movement routines that anyone can do.
  • 😴 The ripple effect of morning habits on your overall day and even your sleep.

πŸ“š Key Takeaways

  1. Move It to Improve It: Physical activity releases endorphins, lifting your mood and lowering stress.

  2. Sunrise, New Mindset: Morning sunlight sets your circadian rhythm, helping your body wake up and eventually wind down for sleep.

  3. It's Easier Than You Think: Even a modest 20-minute brisk walk can reduce your risk of premature death by 16-30%.

🎧 Episode Highlights

  • Welcome and Intro
  • Why moving a muscle changes your thoughts
  • The science behind endorphins
  • The power of morning sunlight
  • Simple daily movement routines
  • How morning habits impact your mental health
  • Wrap-up and what to look forward to

πŸ”— Resources Mentioned

  • Study from the University of Cambridge on physical activity and mental health
  • Your Absolute Mind App: Build positive mental health habits daily

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πŸ™ Thank You for Tuning In!

Remember, it's not about a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight. It's about taking simple steps daily to better your mental health. Subscribe to keep getting soulful, science-backed tips for a healthier mind and body.

πŸ‘‹ Till Next Time, Look After Yourself!

πŸŽ™οΈ Episode Description:
Hey there, it's Paula Sweet, and I'm thrilled to welcome you back to another enriching episode of "Your Absolute Mind." Today, we're diving deep into the captivating world of self-hypnosis and how it shapes our reality every single day. Discover why our inner dialogue is absolutely crucial and how we can turn it into our biggest cheerleader. I'll be sharing insights from my over a decade of therapy experience and offering practical tips to help you cultivate those positive mental habits.

🌱 Key Takeaways:

  • Our minds are like gardens; what we focus on truly does grow.
  • Self-talk plays a profound role in influencing our mental health.
  • Let's learn to add what we desire instead of just removing what we don't.
  • I'll guide you in consciously choosing the media, conversations, and affirmations you engage with.
  • Don't forget to explore the Your Absolute Mind app for your daily dose of mental wellness support.

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🌟 Transformation Challenge:
What positive thing will you add to your daily routine after tuning into this episode? Make a commitment and witness the transformation in your life.

πŸ“’ Stay Tuned:
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🌟 Welcome to Therapeutic Thursday with Paula Sweet! 🌟

πŸŽ™οΈ What's Inside This Episode:

  • The accidental discovery of EMDR by Francine Shapiro in 1987.
  • How simple eye movements can help process traumatic memories.
  • Insights into the role of EMDR as an alternative treatment for PTSD and trauma.
  • The fascinating overlap and distinctions between EMDR and other forms of therapy like NLP.

🌳 A Stroll in the Park That Changed Therapy Discover how a simple walk in the park led to the development of one of the most effective therapies for trauma and PTSD.

πŸ‘οΈ The Power of Eye Movements Learn how guided eye movements can make a world of difference in processing traumatic memories and why this matters in mental health.

🌍 Global Impact of EMDR From accidental discovery to global impact. Find out how EMDR has become a beacon of hope for those dealing with traumatic experiences.

πŸ”¨ Breaking Trauma into Bite-Sized Pieces Understand how EMDR allows your brain to process trauma in manageable chunks, making the unbearable a lot more bearable.

🌟 Pearls of Wisdom Why it's crucial to seek trained professionals for any alternative therapy, especially something as potent as EMDR.

🌿 Natural Processes for Healing A dive into how EMDR might just be a rediscovery of natural healing processes we've forgotten in our modern lives.

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πŸŽ™ Episode Overview

Welcome to another Wisdom Wednesday! In today's episode, we dive deep into Ryan Holiday's book, "The Daily Stoic." This treasure offers 366 days of Stoic philosophy, each day presenting an original quote from ancient Stoic philosophers like Seneca, Epictetus, or Marcus Aurelius, remastered for the modern soul.

πŸ“˜ What You'll Learn

  • The unique structure and simplicity of "The Daily Stoic"
  • The monthly themes that guide you through the year
  • How these teachings can create a durable mental framework
  • How Stoic wisdom aligns with the daily offerings on the Your Absolute Mind app

πŸ“… Monthly Themes in 'The Daily Stoic'

  • January: The Discipline of Perception
  • February: The Discipline of Action
  • March: The Discipline of Will
  • April: Self-Awareness
  • May: Relationships
  • June: Problem-Solving
  • July: Duty
  • August: Pragmatism
  • September: Fortitude and Resilience
  • October: Virtue and Kindness
  • November: Acceptance
  • December: Meditation on Mortality

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Bye for now!

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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Mindful Monday, a segment of the Your Absolute Mind podcast! I'm Paula Sweet, your go-to guide for all things mental wellness.

πŸŽ™οΈ Episode Highlights

  1. Introduction to Mindful Mornings: Why it's the perfect start to your week. 
  2. Fast Facts on Meditation: Why meditation isn't just trendy, it’s transformative. 
  3. How the Your Absolute Mind App Can Help: A simple way to make mental health a daily habit. 
  4. Guided Meditation: Centering on the belief that you're capable of positive growth and change.
  5. Closing Thoughts: Taking the mindfulness journey ahead. 

🌱 What You'll Learn

  • How meditation can literally change your brain for the better.
  • Why integrating meditation into your daily life is a game-changer.
  • An inspiring guided meditation focused on the power of belief.

πŸ’‘ Why Listen?

Are you looking to supercharge your mental well-being? In just about 10-ish minutes, this episode will help you explore the transformative power of meditation. You'll not just learn; you'll experience a guided session that'll give you the tools to be the architect of your own mind.

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In this episode of Your Absolute Mind, we venture into a topic often overlooked yet incredibly powerful - nose breathing.

I will guide you through the compelling differences between nose and mouth breathing, and how making this tiny change can significantly benefit your mental health.

Together, we'll uncover the science in a simple, digestible manner, emphasizing the systemic benefits of increased nitric oxide levels through nose breathing.

We'll also touch on how adopting this habit can enhance your meditation, self-hypnosis, and relaxation practices.

Tune in to explore how such a small change can be the start of experiencing your mental health journey in a more profound manner. Remember, it's all about taking small steps towards becoming mentally healthy!

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Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding the Power of the Mind: Dive deep with Paula, a seasoned UK therapist, as she deciphers the subconscious patterns influencing our daily life, drawing inspiration from the renowned Joe Dispenza.
  • Emotions & Their Grip on Us: Explore why past events hold such emotional power even decades later and how this impacts our future.
  • Tech, Routine, and Their Ties to the Past: Discover how our modern lives may unintentionally tether us to old narratives.
  • Making a Change: Learn from Paula’s hands-on experience how techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis, and mindful practices can transform your mental state.
  • Your Absolute Mind App: Get a sneak peek into an app that promises daily inspirations, unique meditations, and tailored mental health programs.
  • Crafting Your Narrative: Embrace the idea that you're not bound by your past. With conscious effort, you can be the creator of your own destiny.

Want to transition from predictable patterns to a life of empowerment? Discover the secrets to unlocking mental wellness. This episode might just be your key to change!

🌱 Every change begins with a step. What will yours be? Dive in now and embark on your transformative journey with Paula! 🌱

Remember: "Nothing changes if nothing changes." Don’t miss out!

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Welcome back to the Absolute Mind podcast with me, Paula Sweet, where I delve deep into the enigma of the Law of Attraction. Considered a universal force, much like the laws of physics, it suggests that our desires and focus can take shape in our lives.

As a seasoned therapist and creator of the Your Absolute Mind app, I explore the fascinating crossroads of science and spirituality surrounding this concept.

Referencing insights from neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, I highlight the crucial role our mindset plays in moulding our realities. From the intriguing concept of emotional contagion to the workings of the reticular activating system, learn about the influence of our internal narratives on our daily experiences.

Don't miss my demonstration on how the RAS operates and its connection to the Law of Attraction.

Additionally, allow me to introduce you to the transformative Your Absolute Mind app, specifically crafted to enhance mental well-being. Always remember, our inner world has a profound bearing on our outer experiences.

Let's embark on a journey towards better mental health.

See you next time!

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