Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

This is episode number 119 of the absolute my podcast and this podcast is all about meditation and mindfulness. And how spending some time on these will actually give you more time back.

There are so many reasons why meditation on mindfulness should be incorporated into your daily life. Not only will the time invested be repaid back in many more ways, but you also begin to feel differently to.

There are so me celebrities, and people within the public eye who initially didn't think that mindfulness or meditation would be for them. But once they tried it, they realised that not only is it simple to adopt, but it's not a case of whether it's for you or not, mindfulness meditation has a place in everybody's life, and it's absolutely worth adopting into yours.

In this episode I give two examples of mindfulness meditation is for you to begin to adopt into your daily routine. The first one is just over a minute long so you really do have no excuses. lol

The second is a bit longer, however it's a nice simple process to you to begin to follow and please don't get hung up on any of the details. All that matters here is that you are spending time thinking about a limited thought process and relaxing at the same time.

Please do keep us posted how you're getting on, would love to hear all your feedback at @absoluteminduk on Facebook.

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Hypnosis for fertility. Really?

Naturally, as a hypnotherapist, I really regard hypnosis as a serious treatment for infertility in many cases.

Some would go as far as saying hypnosis can complete cure infertility regardless of the reason. For me personally, I find that too much of a stretch to contemplate at the moment.

The first question I get asked, is how can hypnosis really help improve fertility?

The first angle to this is simple. Extreme stress and anxiety makes it very difficult to fall pregnant. Let's face it, the body is clever enough to realise that if it's busy fighting extreme stresses and anxious situations that it's probably best that a new life is brought into that. So simply put hypnosis is amazing at producing relaxation and calming the central nervous system, this in turn reduces anxiety and overall levels of stress. This gets rid of one of the reasons people struggle to fall pregnant, stress.

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Probably one of the most embarrassing times in any man's life. Suffering with erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, however, it does seem to be a problem that most men will face at some point during their lifetime.

Suffering with erectile dysfunction is more than just a physical issue, it massively mental effects the person too. And if the man who is suffering is a relationship, then it will definitely have a detrimental effect on the other person also, we can't help ourselves, and it would only be natural for the partner to begin to blame themselves too.

There are quite a few things that you need to know about erectile dysfunction. First and foremost, erectile dysfunction is largely based psychosomatic condition. Thus dealing with the temporary psychological parts as well as attending to the physical connection is absolutely imperative.

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Nailbiting is one of those habits that can affect your life in so many areas. If you're sat at home watching TV biting your nails on your own then fill your boots and chomp away. After all, the only real side-effect there is grotty picked looking nails and sore nail beds.

But, for those people who bite their nails while they're out on dates, during meetings at work, standing in line in the shopping centre, nail-biting can become a real big problem.

This isn't necessarily factually correct, but I bet most people have bitten their nails at some point in their life, is quite a functional thing to do, a quick chomp on and it and we can have that extra long nail back down to size in no time at all. But when you bite your nails every single day, and they sore and you are aware that your fingers are always in your mouth then this seemingly small habit needs to change.


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