Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

On this episode of 'Your Absolute Mind', I'm your host, Paula Sweet, and we had a chat about how having too many choices and trying to personalise everything could be messing with our mental health.

We live in a world full of options, right? From our clothes to our coffee orders, everything is about what suits me'. This extends to our mental health too, and while it's great that we're acknowledging our personal battles, there's a downside - we start stressing about making the 'perfect' choice.

Now, here's a thought: what if we need a bit more standardisation rather than personalisation? It sounds weird, I know. But just like a daily routine can provide some structure to our lives, maybe it could do the same for our mental health.

Simple stuff like exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, or practising mindfulness can act as a safety net for our mental health. Looking beyond mental health, think about how successful organisations like the military or big corporations have used standardisation to thrive. They've cut down the choices to increase efficiency and reduce stress.

It's like Apple, for example, offering a limited range of products but still being a major hit. So, coming back to mental health, maybe it's time we stop overthinking and start focusing on what we know works.

Things like working out regularly, eating balanced meals, getting plenty of sleep, practising mindfulness, and keeping in touch with our friends and family. Now, before we wrapped up the episode, I shared what I consider the non-negotiables for mental health: sleep, meditation, staying hydrated, and moving around. These are simple but super effective.

The goal here is not to personalise everything, but to keep it simple and consistent. After all, it's the small, everyday actions that lead to big changes. So let's chill on the personalisation a bit and focus on the basics. Remember, looking after our mental health doesn't need to be complicated or fancy. Stick to the basics, keep it simple, and stay consistent.

Thanks for tuning into 'Your Absolute Mind', and catch you next time. 

Take care and stay strong! 

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