Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

Your Absolute Mind is a mental health podcast. In today's episode, I'll be talking a little about where I've been and why I'm back and what to expect in the form of our brand-new mental health app. 

The last podcast was in 2020! And, the first Podcast was published in 2014. During that time, the nature of the podcast has varied. It's changed because I've been working on ideas of how I reach and help as many people as possible. My Mission is simple: I believe we can transform the world by inspiring, educating and motivating people to become mentally healthy.

A mentally healthy world is a world I want for my children and our future. 

This reintroduction podcast is a time for me to explain what's happened and what's going to happen moving forward. 

The end result of how I fulfil my mission is simple: It's Your Absolute Mind App. We've built a tool that you can have with you at all times in your pocket. Packed with self-help tools using all modalities of therapy from CBT, Meditation, journaling, NLP, positive psychology and much more. 

This podcast will be a place where I interview other mental health professionals, offer new science-backed studies, and show you interesting ways to improve your mental health. 

So, as I relaunch with a new tool, the App. but still, with the same mission, I hope you join me on that mission and together we can inspire and educate the world to become mentally healthy.

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