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This is episode 161 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering getting yourself back on track with fitness. 

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Please do bear in mind that we have created this podcast to be of some insight and some sort of assistance but by no means a way to treat conditions on their own.

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So todays podcast is one for all those who have fallen off the wagon and are simply struggling with getting back on track. Ive done it myself, a week off eating what I want all day every day and i feel sluggish! But am I beating myself up for it? NO WAY!

Sometimes you just need a reset, a break, a chance to show yourself just how good it feels doing exercise and eating healthy and falling off track does just that, you realise how sluggish you feel not doing anything and eating everything in sight. But if your now struggling to get back to it don't worry you're not alone, they say that more than 3 days off and it can feel harder to get back into your gym routine but with some simple steps and todays hypnosis I'm hoping you can get yourselves back to your workouts and eating healthy once again. 

Simple Steps To Getting Back On Track

Ok first things first don't spend your day beating yourself up because you haven't yet managed to get back to it! You have two choices you can continue on with your daily battle of beating yourself up, walking backwards on your fitness journey and ignoring how bad you feel because you have in some way "failed" every day taking your further and further away fro you goal OR choose to accept that your human and not perfect (who is anyway) ditch the guilt trip and start thinking positively, thats 2 steps already down on that positive healthier track. 

Stop waiting for tomorrow, next week, Monday and start NOW. Start small to begin you're not going to go from working our every day, to nothing then back to every day you will notice your fitness levels will have dropped but they can be regained slowly and steadily again. Here's a few little steps to getting back to your current fitness level. 

  1. Try a short hiit workout, 10-15 minutes in the morning to get you up and moving, its quick, easy and gets that heart rate up quickly, and doesn't 10-15 minutes sound so much easier than a 60 minute class at the gym!
  2. Try new recipes, sometimes when we go to the dark side and eat all the yummy not so healthy food it can seem pretty harsh going back to chicken and broccoli! so try out a few new healthy but tasty recipes to entice you a little more.
  3. Drink up! Make sure you get plenty of water. I always find when I manage to get plenty of water down me i instantly feel healthier, less bloated and clearer in my head so ditch the coffees, juices or whatever you've been drinking an get back to good old H2o 
  4. Get some fresh air whilst working out, even going for a brisk walk can help with motivation levels. Pop on some headphones, grab your dog (if you've got one, if not it doesn't matter) and go for a good brisk walk in the fresh air. 
  5. Write down exactly what you're eating, we sometimes mindlessly eat and pick at things that we don't register in our heads especially after falling off track. These little picky mindless snacks can really dampen your ability to get back to it so get a journal and jot everything down. That way you can see exactly whats going on.
  6. Get specific about what you want, re-do your goals. What do you want, when by, how much, is that attainable, be specific when thinking about where you want to be. 
  7. Set your alarm, If you're a morning person set your alarm and put it across the other side of the room that way you have to get up and out of bed to switch it off and by that time you might as well get ready for the gym
  8. Gym clothes out and prepared. I always find that if I get my gym clothes out the night before I'm more likely to get up and going once my alarm goes off.

So theres some quick tips that have helped my not only my clients but myself to get back on track whenever I fall off, I've always found the biggest thing that helps me is to just admit I'm not a robot and I'm not perfect and sometimes life gets in the way causing us to slip up sometimes, but be fair to yourself and pick yourself up as soon as you can. 







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