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his is episode 155 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering how to keep motivated when exercising.

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I have decided to do this post today because I myself have not long since got back to my gym routine since the Christmas period and being back has brought back so many memories of when I would always try to start a new fitness regime and fail over and over again because I just wasn't quite ready or motivated enough to stick to it!

So if you want to remain motivated and stick to your healthy fitness conscious way of life then today's podcast could be the one for you, and if you're starting out then welcome, buckle up and get ready for a new way of thinking.

Why do we fail at exercise? 

If you're one of the many who make new years resolutions to loose weight and exercise more did you know that only 8 percent of the 45 percent who make them actually succeed?? now the most popular types of resolutions generally involve some level of fitness, weight loss or new healthy lifestyle. So why do we quit? How is it that we start the new year with motivation, enthusiasm to quit just a short period after?

1. Busy Life

Between having to work for a living and having a happy family life/personal life its easy to feel like you run out of hours during the day. Using this as an excuse is simply that, an excuse! The amount of times I used to say I have no time to work out but would then sit and watch TV or go on my phone, We all have time! Even a 15 minute brisk walk, jog, run, whatever you can manage to get your body fitter and stronger. The saying the more you do it the easier it becomes, well it doesn't get easier you get better at doing it! so stop telling yourself you have no time and make the time. Even if you "have" to watch your tv programmes do something in-between the adverts or whilst watching do some moving.

Get rid of all potential excuses, if you have 1 hour lunch break at work, cu it down to 30 minutes then spend the rest of it getting your heart rate up. This will have the added benefit of a midday energy boost to go back to work with.

Nobody ever regrets a workout, the only regret is the workout they didn't do!

2. Going it alone

Studies show that those who exercise alone are more likely to give up sooner than those who have a gym buddy, gym class, or workout with a partner. This is because when we go it alone there's no accountability. When we make a pact with ourselves its much easier to let ourselves down than a partner or buddy.

So if you find that you quit too easily and throw the towel in then perhaps start looking at who you could partner up with. Try some PT sessions, join some groups, theres so much out there from running groups, cycling, walking, dancing, cross-fit, the list is endless. Who knows you might meet some amazing friends at the groups who are all in the same mindset as you, wanting to get fitter, stronger and healthier. And they do say you become like the 5 people you spend most of your time with so surround yourself with health conscious people who help support you and keep you accountable.

4. Too much too soon

Too much too soon, or the burn out as i like to call it. Hands up how many of you started your new healthy life style aiming for 6 days a week, high intensity, full blown diet overhaul and found it all a little overwhelming. Don't think you can go from little or no exercise to marathon runner in a matter of a week.

Slow and steady, gradually build your stamina. Push yourself a little harder every time. experiment with food, nutrition and different types of exercise.

5. Not enjoyable

If you're exercising and finding that you truly hate every minute of it then try something new! Exercise should be fun, find something that you look forward to doing every single time and cant wait to go back for more.

If you ask a professional athlete why they do what they do they will tell you because they love it, they enjoy pushing their bodies to the limit, but that doesn't mean they enjoy every exercise, if you tell a cyclist to change to a runner I'm almost certain they wouldn't enjoy it as much and it would take a lot of time to adjust to it. so find something you enjoy!

How can you stay motivated? 

Ok so I have in the past talked about mindset, habits, and this is the same. To stay motivated you need to start thinking differently, tell yourself you can do this. Here's a few small hacks I find help me to stay motivated when exercising:

  1. Prioritise exercise just like you would anything else, make it a part of your daily routine
  2. Plan your workout, knowing what you're going to do when you get to the gym is much easier than getting there and winging it.
  3. Have a good playlist! This i find helps me so much, if i have good music i run faster and longer. Theres something about music and how it makes us feel so sort out your playlist!
  4. Ask for help, if you're unsure of what to do and how to use equipment then ask!
  5. Reward yourself for achievements, buy yourself something new when you hit milestones or personal bests.
  6. Join groups, classes etc working out with somebody is far better than doing it alone
  7. Sign up for a big event, plan for something a few months from now that you can work towards getting fitter and stronger for.
  8. Have goals, having a goal is key when it comes to changing your habits and lifestyles, what do you want and how do you plan on getting there.
  9. Experiment with new routines, there's so much in the fitness world that we don't need to stick to one method. Trial and error, if you love it continue.
  10. HAVE FUN - enjoy the feeling you get when you've done your workout and know that you're doing the right thing for your body.


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