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This is session number 126 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this session is all about finding your happy. For so many happiness eludes them, in this show I'll share some tips and insights into happiness and how you can apply them.

Surely, happiness needs to be everyone's number one biggest goal. Because if you're able to achieve happiness, then nothing else matters. Is an interesting though, that so many people seem to value things like success, recognition, outcomes, and even financial recognition over happiness?

This podcast I'm going to go through several principles and proven ideas that could allow you to feel more happy, more often.

Tip 1: Find your uniqueness!

This has to be first and foremost because I believe that different things make different people happy. Therefore it's absolute paramount you discover what it is that you so desire that will allow you to feel happy. Think about it for a moment but don't pay any attention to what you think others might feel, or judge about what you uniquely feel would make you happy. This really is personal and has opposed the irony of this podcast is that if it's personal, how is it possible that I can view any tips? haha

Tip 2: Goals

When you decide what it is that would make you happy, you then need to make a plan of how you will achieve those goals. Goal setting is also another way that the science shows us that we can begin to feel more happy once with achieve those goals, albeit for a short period afterwards. But really think about this, what is your plan look like, what you need to do to make yourself happy, what's standing in your way of happiness?

Tip 3: Only the lonely

The science also tells us that people who surround ourselves with other people, who are said to be achieving and happy will also be happy. So think about who you surround yourself with, what are they like, what is their state like? another way I like to think of this is imagine you're like a magnet and you're going to begin to absorb the energy of those around you, are those people close to you the kind of energy is that you need to feel happy?

Tip 4: Ability to change direction

Life isn’t clear. Things don’t always go to plan. So why don’t we plan to things not being clear and not going the way we want to? Most of us find happiness when we achieve the things that we want, and get what we desire. But life gets in the way so the present and always keep in mind that you may need to change direction. Don't find yourself mulling over the negativity of what's been delivered. Embrace the change set a new goal and work towards achieving it.

Tip 5: Bookmark your day

Bookmarking your day really means starting your day and finishing your day with very clear points and intentions. I cover this more in the influence psychology and persuasion podcast, but in a nutshell you need to ask yourself certain questions at the end of every night that direct your attention to what you've achieved. Questions like, what I done today, what I learned today, who has impacted me positively today, why am I better because of today? Questions like this will allow your brain to go and find answers which will be conducive to you feeling happy.

Morning questions are things like: what am I looking forward to much today? Who can I connected today? Whose happiness is going to impact me today? Really have a think to how you can bookmark your day to make yourself feel happier.

Tip 6: Treat yourself

The reason why mothers put their oxygen masks on themselves on a plane first, is because they are the most important person. This is why, you also need to treat yourself like the most important person and reward yourself and look after yourself as much as you can. That can be a treat, something nice, some time out for yourself to enjoy. A treat now and again will allow you to recharge your batteries and allow in more happiness.

Tip 7: Laugh

Who can write a post about happiness without including laughter? Not only is laughter contagious, but it also breeds happiness and humour. The first step here is to include things in your life that do make you laugh. Comedy films, being out with friends and generally anything that you find humorous. the next piece though is about finding humour in other situations where perhaps you would normally. We call this reframing in NLP terms and it really is about generating a humorous situation about an event that has happened to you. This will immediately allow you to feel differently about it.

Tip 8: Accept yourself

In order for all of the above to be helpful it needs to be built on a foundation of acceptance and worthiness. You need to feel that you are worthy of feeling happy. This is a block where some people feel stuck. Remember, you're the one in 1 billion creation who won the first race of your life, and you battled on to get a point were you listening to this now. It really is about learning to love and appreciate yourself and everything you do, will do and have done.

Without exception, happiness is just a feeling. Most people give themselves conditions about feeling certain ways. Like I'll feel happy when I have X or I’ll feel why when I've done Z.

And remember, people think that they want things in order to make them feel happy but actually all we really want are the feelings we think those things will bring us. But feelings always come from within, and you always able to create these whenever you need to. So don't make happiness conditional just feel happy now.


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