Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

This is session number 125 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and this show is all about overcoming fear associated with Public Speaking.

Public Speaking, also called (Glossophobia) is said to be the thing most people fear, it's so bad, public speaking ranks higher than dying in the top list of phobias. Wow.

Public speaking fear is complex, but the very first issue is the biggest. Whether petrified, nervous, anxious or even excited, non of these feeling are conducive to effective public speaking. But everyone, regardless of their experience will have some of these feelings before giving a speech.

Here are a list of just 5 of the reasons people struggle

1. Nerves

Everyone will feel then to some level. Expecting to feel nothing is not possible.

2. Judging you

Regardless of your audience, regardless of how many people you are addressing. you're just not that important that people will sit and judge you. Everyone is in their own world. Plus, would they want to address the worlds biggest phobia?

3. Performance

If you're nervous of public speaking you won't have been practicing much, this means you will most likely be worried if you are able to actually do it. But, they actually want you to do well.

4. Forgetting what to say

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand there in silence and not be able to get a single word out? The great news, no one knows what you were going to say anyway.

5. Imposter

People can feel like speaking isn't for them. "It's not my thing". Many, can see people speaking as a job, skill or natural talent. But it's only talking.

Let drop the reasons and excuses and get down to businesses.

5 Tips on improving at Public Speaking

  1. Be you
  2. This is for you, enjoy the process
  3. Ditch the caffeine and stimulants
  4. Slow down your pace
  5. Talk with feeling and passion.



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