Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

In this episode of 'Your Absolute Mind,' I walk you through a comprehensive exploration of happiness. Challenging common perceptions, I encourage you to think of happiness not just as fleeting emotions but as a choice and a deep-rooted sense of contentment.

Since reading Mo Gawdat's book Solve for Happiness, I've considered this podcast. So much of it resonated with me that I had to produce this.

Diving deep into psychological concepts such as the negativity bias and locus of control, I illuminate how these play a significant role in our happiness levels. I also call for a shift in mindset, urging you to minimize focus on negatives and embrace your ability to impact your own life.

Furthermore, I unveil my newly-developed app, a daily companion designed to promote mental health, equipped with daily quotes, meditations, and a journaling tool. As we reach the final leg of the episode, I share real-world strategies that can help cultivate happiness.

These include the Happiness Equation, embracing gratitude, understanding illusions and blind spots, managing brain cycles, and practising mindfulness.

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