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Well i'm back....... I knows its been such a long time and I wanted to apologise and say thank you for the continued downloads in the time I have been away! 

The podcasts are changing, I recently ran a poll on my facebook account asking what listeners want and the popular vote was more hypnosis and less "waffle"/chat so i'm trialling this way out for a little while to see how it goes.

If you like these podcasts and want to help keep me motivated and help other people find me then please do leave a review, the more reviews the more likely I am to be found by people who may need these types of podcasts.

You can also stay connected with me on my instagram account where I update daily with stories and photos so give me a follow and stay in touch :0)

Ladies, I have also created a facebook group just for women, its a platform for accountability, support, motivation, health tips, organisational tips you name it its on there and if its not give me a shout tell me what you want :0) so check that one out too


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