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This is episode 162 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering lying to yourself. 

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Being lied to is one of the most aggravating things we can experience but when you lie to yourself and don't even realise you're doing it just think of the impact this can have. People lie to themselves all the time, we lie because maybe we are afraid of the truth, feel inadequate or ashamed. we lie because we believe our lives would be better, when in fact the best life you can lead is when we are completely honest with ourselves. So are you lying to yourself? 

Signs You're Lying To Yourself

  1. Emotions and words not matching up - Have you ever tried to tell yourself you're fine when actually your physically crying and emotions are all over the show. Yet you still tell yourself all is fine? your emotions may even catch you off guard, anger from nowhere? Emotional all of a sudden? So if your emotions and words are not matching up try looking at whats going on with yourself, are you lying to yourself about something you really want/need to discuss or work on? Acknowledge how you feel and deal with what presents. 
  2. You don't take on board other peoples words - quite often you don't want to admit that you're lying to yourself, you believe what you believe and thats that. Therefor you may find that you shut out all alternative ideas, comments form outside of your bubble. You don't want input, different opinions or alternative perspectives on situations as this could shine light on the fact that you are lying to yourself. Learn to accept feedback and listen to other opinions. 
  3. Alway's right - No matter what happens you are never wrong, even if it was your fault you truly believe and convince yourself that it wasn't. Break ups are never your fault, arguments always start because of the other person. The issue here is that you never right your wrongs, or learn from mistakes as you're lying to yourself that you are not wrong. Its ok to admit wrongs and to apologise, this can help you to learn from them and grow from our wrong doings. 
  4. Denying why you can't lose weight - This is something I hear/see a lot. lots of people lying to themselves as to why they can't lose weight as they simply wont acknowledge and lie that they "haven't eaten much" when in fact if they were truthful to themselves they would be able to see what they eat and how much they're over consuming. 

These are just some of the things to look out for when lying to yourself, the more we lie to ourselves the deeper of a hole you can get into. Living a life of openness, honesty, and acknowledging feelings, emotions and alternative views can be a real joyous life so give it a try stop lying to yourself and be happy with who you are in your own skin. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to feeing better. 


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