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This is episode 160 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering ways in which you can remain positive around negative people. 

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Do you find being around negative people has an effect on you and how you feel? No matter how positive you strive to be and keeping your positive mental attitude it can be difficult when surrounded by negativity to keep that positive outlook.

Being surrounded by negative people can be draining and make you into a person you don't like or want to be, it can make you feel frustrated and even begin to turn you into a negative/pessimistic person.

But no matter how challenging it can be to remain positive around negativity it is possible to keep your optimistic outlook.

How To Remain Positive

  1. Stay Focused On Yourself - When you are faced with somebody eases negative outlook, one of the best things you can do to help yourself it to stay focused on YOU! No matter what others do or say around you you should only really need to focus on yourself and control your own attitude and response. Ask yourself these questions: How am i reacting to the negativity, How can i make my reaction more positive.
    So if you find yourself feeling frustrated with somebody's negativity shift your focus on to how you are feeling and responding and how you could be more positive. You cant control others around you but you can control your actions and reactions.
  2. Switch Your Reaction - When dealing with difficult negative people a great tool is to switch your reaction, When somebody is acting negatively around you ie Yelling, arguing, passive aggressive, using negative language etc try acting in the opposite way. It can be challenging to not mirror somebody's behaviours but if you can manage this it can help in keeping you feeling more positive.
  3. Don't Take It To Heart - When around negativity it can be hard to remember that more often than not their negativity isn't completely about you. Perhaps they're having a bad day and dealing with lots of stress so feel they need to vocalise their stress. We can never know exactly what is going on in other peoples lives so try not to take any negativity personally.
  4. Be Grateful - Practising gratitude when dealing with a negative person can be very difficult but  if you can regularly practice gratitude even in times of negativity it can have a great effect on your mental state. It's easy to be positive when things are going well but when we can do it in times of negativity it can really strengthen your skills on positivity.

Staying positive around people especially negative ones can be tough but if you can put these few tips into practice you might just begin to notice how little other peoples attitude have an effect on you now.


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