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This is episode 159 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering ways in which you can stop negative thinking. 

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Do you find yourself negatively thinking on a regular basis? 

Have you ever stopped to notice just how much those negative thoughts can impact your day to day? Overcoming negative thinking can be one of the biggest tasks you may face if you have gotten into the pattern of doing it regularly. 

Thinking the worst or expecting failure/betrayal convey a kind of life insurance "If i expect the worst then i wont be disappointed when it happens. Negative thinkers can live in the "I told you so" life feeling like its more important to prove right their negative predictions than to have good things happen and be proved wrong. 

Many negative thinkers may call themselves realists rather than pessimists but negative thinking or "being realistic" can have an impact on their outcome of events. Negative thoughts can plague us even when things seem to be going well saying things such as "it's too good to last" 

So how can you stop thinking so negatively and allowing those thoughts to impact your life. 

Way's To Stop Thinking Negatively 

  1. When you notice a negative thought or image begin to creep into your mind, try actually saying STOP to yourself out loud if you're alone or aloud in your head if you're not comfortable with this. When you abruptly interrupt the thought pattern it can help to shift your thought process quickly. If you'd rather say something other than stop create your own phrase such as "get out of my head" or create an image in your mind of stop signs, no entry and so on. 
  2. Break the cycle by changing the direction of your thoughts by counting backwards from 100-0 
  3. Start some positive affirmations, positive affirmations can be used in many different  ways and can be similar to the thought changing technique, when a negative thought enters your mind repeat your affirmation. Also begin to practice saying your affirmations on a daily basis which can help to re-shape your thinking creating the positive outlook rather than the negative. 
  4. Stop mind reading, Negative thinking stops us from being ok with uncertainty. This can then lead to trying to mind read for example if somebody doesn't respond to your text you may find that negative thinkers will see it as the person doesn't like them or they've done something to offend them when in fact there could be many reasons why they haven't responded such as lost their phone, battery has died, they're on a plane, they're busy or any other highly likely reason as to why they haven't responded. 

Being a negative thinker can be tiring, lonely and simply frustrating not only for the thinker but those around them. So if you are a negative thinker then try these few simple steps to avoid negative thoughts in the future. 


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