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This is episode 156 of the Absolute Mind podcasts and today I am covering feeling lost in life and how/why does this happen and how you can find your path again.

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When we start to feel lost in life it can seem like everything is a muddle, theres no direction, no clear path of what we should chose and where to go. 

Now whether you have lost yourself in your career, relationship, your parental role or just lost in life in general you are not alone. This is something I hear a lot in therapy, "am I weird" "is there something wrong with me" NO you're not weird or have something wrong that you can't fix! 

Feeling lost in life doesn't mean your life is forever doomed and you're going to spend the rest of your days aimlessly wondering around never finding your self again. It simply means you are going through a stage in life that you can learn something from, theres no need to get stuck where you are you can help yourself get out from this state and start living to the fullest again. 


How Can You Find Yourself Again?

  1. Do what you love - Do you remember the last time you had fun in your life? What where you doing, what ignites your fire and makes you smile? When we do something we love its easy to go with the flow and be fully engrossed in the fun of the moment. As we grow we tend to lose sight of how fun and amazing life can be due to the number of increasing stressors from family, mortgages, careers, debt and mundane parts of life. But if you reconnect back to that inner child and do what you love do what makes you smile and creates that element of fun once more, don't allow any excuses anymore as to why you "can't" do the things you love make a commitment to yourself that you will do them and just see how much your life can begin to get more clarity and have more fun. 
  2. Have An Adventure - whether you can get out on a day trip or book a full excursion for a week or a few months go and explore. Taking yourself away from your "safe" zone which is generally our homes where we don't need to think about anything else and can dwell in how bad we feel, if you can explore you can free your mind and have time to re evaluate your life and where it is going. 
  3. Re-connect With Dreams - Have you ever aspired to do something big but always talk yourself out of it or you're just simply too busy? Well re connect with them, give yourself something to work towards, aspire to help yourself as much as you can to feel uplifted and awakened again. 
  4. Get Uncomfortable - Shake things up a little and make yourself uncomfortable every once in a while. We tend to get too comfortable in our routines and daily life that things get boring or mundane and theres no element of change or excitement. Albert Einsteins definition of insanity is to do the same thing day in day out and expect different results. If you're doing the same thing every day and wondering why you feel the way you do then mix it up and do something different to get different results. 
  5. Ask For Help - Theres nothing wrong with asking for help, simply opening up and letting people into your world is like a therapy in itself! Locking your feelings up so that nobody knows what you're going through only impacts you negatively, once you begin to open up you may notice everything feels a little bit lighter and easier. 



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