Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

This is episode number 119 of the absolute my podcast and this podcast is all about meditation and mindfulness. And how spending some time on these will actually give you more time back.

There are so many reasons why meditation on mindfulness should be incorporated into your daily life. Not only will the time invested be repaid back in many more ways, but you also begin to feel differently to.

There are so me celebrities, and people within the public eye who initially didn't think that mindfulness or meditation would be for them. But once they tried it, they realised that not only is it simple to adopt, but it's not a case of whether it's for you or not, mindfulness meditation has a place in everybody's life, and it's absolutely worth adopting into yours.

In this episode I give two examples of mindfulness meditation is for you to begin to adopt into your daily routine. The first one is just over a minute long so you really do have no excuses. lol

The second is a bit longer, however it's a nice simple process to you to begin to follow and please don't get hung up on any of the details. All that matters here is that you are spending time thinking about a limited thought process and relaxing at the same time.

Please do keep us posted how you're getting on, would love to hear all your feedback at @absoluteminduk on Facebook.

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