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Hypnosis for fertility. Really?

Naturally, as a hypnotherapist, I really regard hypnosis as a serious treatment for infertility in many cases.

Some would go as far as saying hypnosis can complete cure infertility regardless of the reason. For me personally, I find that too much of a stretch to contemplate at the moment.

The first question I get asked, is how can hypnosis really help improve fertility?

The first angle to this is simple. Extreme stress and anxiety makes it very difficult to fall pregnant. Let's face it, the body is clever enough to realise that if it's busy fighting extreme stresses and anxious situations that it's probably best that a new life is brought into that. So simply put hypnosis is amazing at producing relaxation and calming the central nervous system, this in turn reduces anxiety and overall levels of stress. This gets rid of one of the reasons people struggle to fall pregnant, stress.

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