Becoming Mentally Healthy by Paula Sweet at Absolute Mind

Nailbiting is one of those habits that can affect your life in so many areas. If you're sat at home watching TV biting your nails on your own then fill your boots and chomp away. After all, the only real side-effect there is grotty picked looking nails and sore nail beds.

But, for those people who bite their nails while they're out on dates, during meetings at work, standing in line in the shopping centre, nail-biting can become a real big problem.

This isn't necessarily factually correct, but I bet most people have bitten their nails at some point in their life, is quite a functional thing to do, a quick chomp on and it and we can have that extra long nail back down to size in no time at all. But when you bite your nails every single day, and they sore and you are aware that your fingers are always in your mouth then this seemingly small habit needs to change.


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